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#44182 - 05/03/04 10:42 AM Re: What gauge speaker wire do I need?
Ken.C Offline
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That would, I believe, be 50 ft out and 50 ft back.
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#44183 - 05/03/04 10:45 AM Re: Puhleeeze.
chesseroo Offline

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In reply to:

"Hi kettle, this is pot. You're black.

That's amazing you said that Adam.
Take a look at this incredibly similar reply i posted way back last October.
Nah, i don't think so.
2x6 can save the little innocent orphan Annie routine for someone who cares.

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#44184 - 05/03/04 10:55 AM Re: Puhleeeze.
Riffman Offline

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I'm not going to take sides but I can say with confidence that *all* of you are fanning the flames.

just let it go. if someone says something you don't like, ignore it and don't respond. this is a great forum, let's keep it that way.

#44185 - 05/03/04 11:51 AM Re: Puhleeeze.
bigjohn Offline

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DITTO riffman..

its one thing for you guys to beat the dead horse in one thread, but for ya'll to spread it out to several threads is getting ridiculious..

i mean, really.. ya'll obviously disagree, and there seems to be no changing your minds.. some of the posts have valid points to defend your particular stance, but most just nit-pick and ramble on..

there seems to be some sort of jockying for intellictual supremecy when dealing with these various subjects.. i think we are all pretty smart here(except ray), so lets just let it rest a little.

but who am i to tell grown men how to act.


#44186 - 05/03/04 10:18 PM Re: Puhleeeze.
Ray3 Offline

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Intellectual supremacy? It may be something as simple as someone pissed in someone else's cornflakes. I haven't read all of the threads yet tonight, so I'm a little unclear about the issue, but if it is something as important as tube amps good or bad, I'm willing to suspend my work on solving world hunger and curing cancer to research the issue. Tube amp performance is, ya know, always a good reason to go to war. I think that's why we originally invaded Granada. (gentle sarcasm mode off) C'mon guys - let's burn some bandwidth on important stuff like tuning your subwoofer by stuffing ther ports with cats.

#44187 - 05/03/04 11:15 PM Re: Puhleeeze.
pmbuko Offline
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In reply to:

let's burn some bandwidth on important stuff like tuning your subwoofer by stuffing ther ports with cats.

Watch what you say. "stuffing ther ports" is something quite offensive in Vogon. Such a seemingly innocent comment has the power to spark interplanetary warfare.

/lame attempt at geek humor.
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#44188 - 05/05/04 03:23 AM Re: Puhleeeze.
pinipig523 Offline

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HAHAHA!! Vogons...
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#44189 - 05/07/04 06:41 PM Re: What gauge speaker wire do I need?
2x6spds Offline

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Hi Sutter cane

I was just browsing and noticed your post about the knukonczept (polish phonetic) speaker cables you're using. I make the occasional comment about speaker wire and interconnects, but not often for obvious reasons. Nevertheless, I also noticed that you have a pair of M50s, and I'd like to make a recommendation for speaker wires which I think are really heads and shoulders above anything in their price range - Mapleshade Clearview Golden Helix (or for a few extra dollars, Double Golden Helix Plus) speaker wires.

They have a 30 day money back policy but return shipping is only a few kopeks. I think they would be an extraordinary matching with M50s. (I had a pair of M50s but sold them before I got my Clearview speaker wires)but now use a pair of M50 like Michaura M66s (also 2x6.5" drivers and the 3/4" titanium driver out of the old M2/Merak lines) in an extremely rigid (and darn good looking) hex shaped speaker cabinet. I use these M50 like overachievers with a pair of the Mapleshade speaker wires. The results are really stunning.

Now, this is not a joke, nor an invitation for a flame war. Some of my friends with their very expensive Dynaudio gear look at me funny when I tell them that Axioms are 90% as good at 10-15% the price. (They look at me even funnier when they get to hear some Axiom speakers) I expect to get similar funny looks here, but the impulse is the same - share something really good with folk who are interested in great music reproduction even more challenging when that's your goal but you insist on a reasonable price.

Here's a challenge to whomever out there considers himself (herself) the most committed member of the "cables make no difference" school of audio theory, if you are not hearing impaired, get a set of Mapleshade Clearview Golden Helix speaker wires, report back within the 30 day return window. Tell us whether they didn't improve the sound of your system.

Here's a thought - let's say that the most committed to the cables-are-fables school of audio theory tries these speaker wires and consistently hears - experiences - superior music quality from his system - will he ascribe that to the 'placebo' effect?

Can the placebo effect work when someone has the strongest predisposition and belief that the variable under consideration will have no observable effect?

I don't know the people at Mapleshade, have no financial interest in it, but feel that Mapleshade is to cabling what Axiom is to speakers.

Let us know.
Enjoy the Music. Trust your ears. Laugh at Folks Who Claim to Know it All.

#44190 - 05/07/04 08:25 PM Re: What gauge speaker wire do I need?
JohnK Offline
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SC, I don't know why of all those who replied here you were chosen to be the lucky one to be advised of the wonders of these miracle cables, but it's necessary to point out that this is just one of a collection of bizarre audio hoaxes found here . Wading through the exaggerations and outright lies found there, it appears that if this speaker wire is as thin as they imply, then it may actually be the rare one that "sounds different" and may slightly degrade the sound because of a violation of basic audio engineering principles.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.

#44191 - 05/07/04 08:36 PM Re: What gauge speaker wire do I need?
Ray3 Offline

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Don't scoff, I believe this is where tinfoil got his hat.

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