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#4457 - 07/19/02 07:27 AM SUBWOOFER-COST
PAUL Offline

Registered: 03/01/02
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-Question to Ian,Why do your subs cost so much.I own M22's,VP150,QS4's,and a EP-175.I agree with reviews,that your speakers would compete with other speakers 2 or 3 times the cost, but I notice that alot of Axiom owners are buying other brand of subs.
They feel they can get another brand of sub just as good cheaper,or get a Bigger and more powerful sub for the same price as Axiom.
Hasn't this been a concern to you(Axiom),It has to me.
Wouldn't you want people to think about Axiom Subs,the way they do your other speakers (Price Wise)a great value.

This is just my observation,from different posts the last few months.

#4458 - 07/19/02 03:24 PM Re: SUBWOOFER-COST
ravi_singh Offline

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Loc: Montreal
good point Paul

many people do NOT buy them. I did, however, buy an EP125, and it's great for music, sort of weak for home theatre, though I didn't expect a 8 inch woofer to make my chest vibrate.

I find they are moderately priced, though I do agree they are less of a bargain than, say, the M22ti's.

#4459 - 07/19/02 06:16 PM Re: SUBWOOFER-COST
jkohn Offline
old hand

Registered: 01/06/02
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I think their subs are still probably a good bargain compared to what you'll find in retail/dealer stores. But in the internet-direct world, they've got some real competition from companies like SVS and HSU, who seem to be the price/performance leaders with affordable subs that play clean and loud all the way down to 20hz or lower.

#4460 - 07/19/02 09:33 PM Re: SUBWOOFER-COST
fhw Offline

Registered: 11/22/01
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Loc: London, ON
Another explanation is that costs for the Axiom passive speakers are lower because of high-volume OEM. If the same sort of OEM production isn't there for subs, costs are harder to keep down (for power amps, etc.)

#4461 - 07/20/02 11:29 AM Re: SUBWOOFER-COST
Ian Offline

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The world of subwoofer design is a bit of a dog's breakfast. In a lot of ways it depends what you want from your sub. The subs in the Millennia line are all designed for accuracy and low distortion. Going after this goal will come at the expense of output and "kick" for lack of a better word. We actually have a sub in our CHT line that is a 12" with more output then the EP125 and costs less money than the EP125. This product is designed for output and kick. The trade offs are essentially kick for linearity and output for low distortion. By increasing the output artificially between 50 and 60 Hz the sub will generally seem more exciting for movies but less musical and will be less accurate. By pushing the limitations of the woofer at the lower frequencies (either through the amp or the tuning) you can achieve more rumble but at a higher distortion. Products will range from one end of this scale to the other so you need to decide where you want to be to get the most from your sub. Now, what if you want both? This is where things start to get expensive. Two subs is an easy fix and works pretty well, as you can set the frequency controls on the two subs to give you a boost between 30 and 50 Hz and double the output in the low 20 Hz range. Other than this the sub is probably going to have to be rather large with very high power and relatively inefficient woofer design. There was some talk on the boards a few months ago about us bringing out a monster sub that could do it all. I liked this idea and we are currently in the design stages for a 15" that will have to have a mounting system to keep it bolted to the floor. Hope all this helps you out in your subwoofer decision.
Ian Colquhoun
President & Chief Engineer

#4462 - 07/20/02 12:15 PM Re: SUBWOOFER-COST
ravi_singh Offline

Registered: 03/14/02
Posts: 1351
Loc: Montreal
that sounds juicy... a 15 inch sub bolted to the floor...

i am already saving up


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