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#50844 - 06/28/04 01:18 AM lingering Q's re: subs, centers, and factory 2nds
sensibull Offline

Registered: 06/27/04
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Loc: Northern Cali, soon to be Hart...
Greetings ya'll,

I'm a relative newbie to the world of non-chain-store audio components, planning a speaker purchase in the near future (definitely mains and sub, possibly center and rear). As a new father of twins, budget is a big concern. After doing a fair amount of online research, I was all set to go with Paradigms, until last week, when one of the sites I visited hipped me to Axiom. Since then I've trawled these boards, read some reviews, and generally tried to soak up as much info as possible. Now I'm seriously considering some Axioms instead, but I have a few lingering questions that I'm hoping some of ya'll can help clear up.

Forgive me if all this has been covered in other threads. I've tried to look around for answers, but my twins only give me so much idle time on the web ;-)

1) The consensus regarding Axiom subs seems to be that you can get more bang for you buck elsewhere. HSU, SVS, and Outlaw are all very commonly recommended replacements. Problem is -- I'm really digging the Boston Cherry veneer. So I'm wondering: a) is there a better sub out there, cost-to-quality wise, that would match? b) if I don't need or want wall-rattling bass (which would probably just disturb the babies), and will be doing 80% music listening and only 20% home theater, would the 175 probably suffice with M22s as mains? (Room is medium size, 12 x 22)

2) Along those same lines, I've read mixed reviews of Axioms center channel speakers. Would a few of you care to comment on your degree of satisfaction, and possibly compare the VP100 to the VP150 (is the extra $130 worth it?)

3) Lastly, I was hoping that a couple people who decided to buy factory seconds from Axiom would be willing to post pictures of the "flaws" that earned them that designation. Are we really talking "not even ... noticable to the eye"?

Bountiful thanks in advance to any and all willing to post of response.

#50845 - 06/28/04 01:45 AM Re: lingering Q's re: subs, centers, and factory 2nds
MykeW Offline

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Welcome Sensibull, you've certainly lucked out finding the Axiom site before your purchase! This is by far one of the best forums for advice and audio fun...

I too am relatively new here and haven't yet got my system togethor, but I have spent some time researching things so I'll pass on what I've learnt.

1) The alternative subs you mentioned are pretty well it that I've seen in the EP175 price range, I know of no others that would match the cherry veneer that offer the same value and performance ( other than the EP175 ). Particularily HSU and SVS are excellent bang for the buck subs. DOn't however, discard the Axiom subs so easily. From what I have read everyone that has them is very pleased with there performance and they are supposed to be very good ( ie low and tight ) for music which you say you'll be using your system for. I read one post where someone had both a HSU and an Axiom sub and they couldn't tell the difference. So I would have no concerns going for the EP175 with the M22, and then it'll match perfectly.

2) I obviously cant comment directly on the centres but have read that the VP100 is certainly good ( owners happy with them ) for smaller rooms. The biggest difference is the VP150 has better dispersion characteristics and plays louder. One alternative, if it works aesthetically for you is to use a M22 as a centre channel. (This is my plan and admittedly I've formed a bit of a bias during my research against "traditional" center channel speakers in general ) So between the 100 or 150 I would go with what you think you need for your rooom size.

3) I believe some people have posted pictures ( at least one person has ) but I haven't found the post yet. Perhaps some else can direct you to it.

One thing I believe for certain by selecting Axiom products no matter what you do you can't go wrong.

Cheers, and Good luck

#50846 - 06/28/04 07:15 AM Re: lingering Q's re: subs, centers, and factory 2nds
TweedleyD Offline

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I got the VP150 B-Stock an when i got mine i looked it over an finally after turning on a brighter light seen a small scratch about 4 inches but it was so fine of a scratch it was unnoticable to the eye till when u had it up close looking at it from 4 inches away an get this was on the Bottom too. From what i gather from every one that gets the B-Stock it was worth the wait an whatever Flaw was hardly noticable
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#50847 - 06/28/04 08:24 AM Re: lingering Q's re: subs, centers, and factory 2nds
Daphoid Offline

Registered: 02/23/04
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I love the VP150, I've listened to a few HT setups, but nothing "higher up the food chain" if you will, as the VP150, and it's power just amazes me, it punches the dialog out at you, and still is smooth and crisp with all the other sounds. It's a beefy 400W speaker, and because mine is hanging off the wall and where it's placed, it just sounds superb.

- D
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#50848 - 06/28/04 10:16 AM Re: lingering Q's re: subs, centers, and factory 2nds
Capn_Pickard Offline

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1.) Go with the Axiom sub if you've got the coin to do so - It will make you happy. It'll match the cherry veneer of your mains, and provide you with enough powerful bass to keep them babies up all night...

2.) Considering the size of your room - the VP 100 should sound as good as you'd want. The VP150 is a huge speaker. I considered going with it, but it would have spanned the entire length of the top of my 17" TV. Consider this if your set isn't so big. While 65% or more of the home theater sound information is coming from that center speaker, if you're not entertaining more than 3-4 people for movie watching and you're not trying to replicate movie-reference volumes, the VP100 should be fine.

3.) Haven't gotten my factory outlet speakers yet...will post pictures when they arrive (expecting them any day now)...

Good luck with your choices - and welcome to the family.

#50849 - 06/28/04 07:39 PM Re: lingering Q's re: subs, centers, and factory 2nds
sensibull Offline

Registered: 06/27/04
Posts: 6
Loc: Northern Cali, soon to be Hart...
Thanks very much for everyone's responses. Though I'm a little shamefaced to admit it, I think I'll stick with the Axiom sub for aesthetic reasons, which, while secondary, sure do help placate the wife ;-) And the factory seconds sound like too good of a deal to pass up. Still love to see some pictures, but I trust the flaws truly are minimal. As for the VP100 vs. VP150, I'm still on the fence...

#50850 - 06/28/04 07:50 PM Re: lingering Q's re: subs, centers, and factory 2nds
sensibull Offline

Registered: 06/27/04
Posts: 6
Loc: Northern Cali, soon to be Hart...
Just out of curiosity, has anyone tried leaving the center out of the equation and using just M22s, sub, and rears with the receiver set to phantom mode?

#50851 - 06/28/04 08:36 PM Re: lingering Q's re: subs, centers, and factory 2nds
pmbuko Offline
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The phantom center is definitely a workable solution, but there are a couple things to keep in mind:

- the further from the center sweet spot you get (e.g. toward the sides of the room), the more the "phantom" effect collapses
- the phantom image will be stronger if your main speakers are closer together
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#50852 - 06/29/04 01:09 AM Re: lingering Q's re: subs, centers, and factory 2nds
Ken.C Offline
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I am happy to report that my phantom center is quite good with my M50s placed about 8-9 ft apart, with me about 6-7 ft from their centerpoint. Of course, that's from the sweet spot. I haven't tested yet from not the sweet spot.
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