Hi everyone. Its been awhile since I posted here; but its great to be back.

I was bored the other night so I went down to a Local Hifi joint (a&bsound). I decided to audition the Totem line. (Staff, and Hawk). First impression was these speakers are beautiful and well made. Small, Compact and finish is smooth with the wood veneer. Even the wife fell in love with them.

First the Staff($1800.00CAD). I ask the clerk to pop in the new release acoustic album of Sarah McLachlan. It wasn't even half way thru the track and my ears are already fatigue. Very detailed on the highs and more forward than the M60s. Soundstage and imaging is excellent but lacks of low end bass. The only difference between The Hawks ($2500.00CAD)is the sound is larger and filled up the room comfortably. Still abit to bright IMO. Hmmm...I wonder how Dynaudio sounds?

Oh yeah he was running a Parasound AMP. Don't know the model. Didn't ask him.

As soon as I got home I put the same album and what a big difference in sound. The M60s are laid back compared to the Totems. I mean a good laid back sound. IMO the M60s are better speakers than the Staff and Hawks.

Has anyone here compared the same speakers to the M60s? Tell me what you think.