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#68331 - 11/16/04 09:16 PM Do I need an amp for the EP350
fvang Offline
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I'm completely new to the home theater world and would appreciate some help. This is my first home theater I'll be purchasing ever.

I bought the following speakers from Axiom right before they raise their prices:

QS8 + QSS Stands

If it wasn't for the prise hike, I think I would've held off for another 2 weeks(after Thanksgiving). Also, wife gave me the okay to spend $7500 on a home theater setup. Actually, $10K, but I need the other $2500 for a computer system.

Anyhow, here are my questions.
1. I'm looking at purchasing either the Yamaha RX-V2500 or the HK AVR-7300. Reading the user manual for Yamaha, it states "Connect a subwoofer with a built-in amplifier..."
Does this mean that I cannot connect the EP350 to this subwoofer jack on the Yamaha?
2. If I do connectthe subwoofer to this jack on the Yamaha, would I damage the RX-V2500 and EP350?
3. Are all dual banana plugs the same distance from tip to tip meaning if I buy the dual banana plugs from Axiom, it'll fit just fine on the Yamaha or HK?

I would appreciate if someone could please help answer my questions for me.

Thank You!

#68332 - 11/16/04 09:27 PM Re: Do I need an amp for the EP350
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The Axiom sub has a built in amp.Yes you would connect the sub to the sub out from which ever reciever you decide on.As far as the banana plugs go that I'm not sure but there is nothing wrong with using just bare wire.You could also use single banana plugs and not have to worry about a differences in the width of the binding post.

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#68333 - 11/16/04 09:29 PM Re: Do I need an amp for the EP350
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The EP350 is a powered sub and so YES it does have a built in amp and so NO you don't need an additional amp to drive the sub.

I believe the EP350 has both High and Low level inputs.

The sub pre out you are refering to on the Yammy is a low level output that should be connected to the low level input on the EP350. You'll need a cable with RCA plugs on both ends to make this connection.

The sub pre-out on the Yammy amp is not an amplified signal. The EP350 will amplify this signal using its own internal amp.

No damage will occur if you connect the sub pre-out of the yammy to the low level input on the Ep350.

Can't comment on the dual banna plugs.

Hope that helps and is clear, Jag

#68334 - 11/16/04 09:36 PM Re: Do I need an amp for the EP350
Ajax Offline

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Hi fvang,

1. The EP 350 IS a "subwoofer with a built-in amplifier" so you should be just fine connecting it to that jack.

2. Nope.

3. Just measure the distance between the center of the positive (red) post, and the center of the negative (black) post on one or your receiver's speaker outputs.

The Axiom bananas are 3/4 inch from center to center. If your receiver's posts are 3/4 inch apart, center to center, the Axiom dual bananas will work just fine. If the distance is not 3/4 inch, you'll need to use the single bananas. Axiom offers those also.

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#68335 - 11/16/04 10:36 PM Re: Do I need an amp for the EP350
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A lot of banana pairs on receivers are an inch apart. Definitely measure first or get singles for the receiver end of the wires.

Note that it is easier to measure "left side to left side" on the back of your receiver than "center to center" and you get the same distance. Someone had to tell me that, just passing it on
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#68336 - 11/17/04 12:16 AM Re: Do I need an amp for the EP350
Lexxen Offline

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I have a H/K avr130 and the plugs on the back are not the same distance apart as the ones axiom sells. I would assume that all H/K receivers have the same type plugs but I may be wrong.

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#68337 - 11/17/04 12:35 AM Re: Do I need an amp for the EP350
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FV, welcome. As Jack said, the standard center to center distance for dual banana plugs is 3/4". Some speaker terminals and many receiver terminals have a different separation. I don't know what the distance on the 2500 is. As was also said, you should also consider simply using the bare wire rather than banana plugs, which are a convenience if you're going to be frequently connecting and disconnecting, but otherwise don't have any special advantage.

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#68338 - 11/17/04 12:44 AM Re: Do I need an amp for the EP350
fvang Offline
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Thank You all! I wasn't sure if the EP350 had a built in amp. I would expect all subs to though.
Again, thanks! and I can't wait to get my system setup. Christmas is coming early for me.


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