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#75836 - 01/10/05 10:58 PM Cant be home for delivery. What did you do?
cjucoder Offline
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Registered: 01/10/05
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Loc: Milwaukee, WI
I'm ready to pull the trigger and audition M60s, QS8s (and their floor stands) and a VP100 - maybe VP150, I'll post that question later. My problem is that I'm at work during business hours. With all the FedEx deliveries I've had in the past, when I'm not home the driver leaves a sticky note on my door and I drive over to the FedEx office after 6:30pm and pick it up. Problem with this specific delivery is I doubt all these all boxes will fit in my car. I am in Milwaukee, WI and I don't like the idea of any electronics being left on my patio this time of year (Can you say "snow"-"ice"-etc). Taking a day off of work until April is pretty much out of the question (ALSO --- I don't want to wait that long!!!). How did you Working-During-Business-Hour types get your Axioms? I figure I can't be the only one who has had this problem Maybe I should call Axiom and see if a special Saturday delivery is possible. I don't want to lose the 5 item discount by breaking the order up into "car size" delivery sizes.

Thanks! I've been lurking for a while during my speaker research and enjoying this forum!

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#75837 - 01/10/05 11:31 PM Re: Cant be home for delivery. What did you do?
Ken.C Offline
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I had mine delivered to my office, but if you don't have a big car or a permissive boss, this could be a problem. Would it be possible for you to pick them up from the FedEx office?
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#75838 - 01/10/05 11:54 PM Re: Cant be home for delivery. What did you do?
ravi_singh Offline

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Loc: Montreal
here's what i did:

Deliver them to a friend or family's place who will have someone home during delivery. Since you live in Milwaukee, most people there have cars, don't they? Drive over after work, and two cars drive them to your place.

#75839 - 01/11/05 12:31 AM Re: Cant be home for delivery. What did you do?
KC_Mike Offline

Registered: 01/11/03
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Loc: KS
I took the day off.

#75840 - 01/11/05 02:08 AM Re: Cant be home for delivery. What did you do?
spiffnme Offline

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Loc: Los Angeles
I ordered my stuff piece meal. Perhaps you could have the stuff sent to work, and ask for it to be delivered in two separate deliveries?

M60's one day...vp150 and qs8's the next?

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#75841 - 01/11/05 05:13 AM Re: Cant be home for delivery. What did you do?
Ned Offline

Registered: 12/06/04
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Loc: Indianapolis, IN
If nearby the neighbor thing has worked for us a couple times.
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#75842 - 01/11/05 08:43 AM Re: Cant be home for delivery. What did you do?
snakeyes Offline

Registered: 07/13/04
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Loc: Newburgh, NY
Send them to my house i will take the day off from work. i will even break them in for you as well as give you a detailed report of how well they sound in my house, daily.
let me know if this offer works for you.
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#75843 - 01/11/05 08:53 AM Re: Cant be home for delivery. What did you do?
bigjohn Offline

Registered: 01/21/04
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Loc: San Angelo, TX
i went and picked them up at the FedEx office after work, but i have a big truck. and it is a pretty big load cause they double box everything, so it is even bulkier than you would expect. i think delivery to a friends house is a good idea. or, just find a friend with a truck!!


#75844 - 01/11/05 08:58 AM Re: Cant be home for delivery. What did you do?
JSkip Offline

Registered: 01/30/04
Posts: 193
Loc: New Jersey
Luckily for me my wife was home. She had to wait for my son to get home to carry the boxes in. The M60s were a bit large.

Besides the Axioms, I've typically had to drive to the shipping company's site to pick up the package when the driver returned to the distribution center. I did that for my sub. I paid $50 for UPS delivery and had to drive 30 miles at 7:00 at night to get it. In addition, I had to carry it out to my car.

I also did that for my Dell PC. I believe it was Fedex that time.

#75845 - 01/11/05 09:22 AM Re: Cant be home for delivery. What did you do?
Ray3 Offline

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Loc: Rochester, NY
Some internet companies are a little sensitive to have the delivery address be different than the bill to address of the credit card. Internet fraud and all of that. I expect a phone call to Axiom might solve that.

Do you have an opportunity to leave a side door open to the garage? If so, a note in an envelope hung on the front door with "FOR UPS" in big letters might work. Ask them to put the speakers in the garage and lock the door when they leave. I've done that several times.

Ask Axiom for special shipping arrangements. Have UPS call when they speakers arrive. Make a pickup at lunch and a second pickup after work.

If all else fails, have a friend meet you at UPS with a second car, make two trips in the same day or make single trips over 2 days.

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