Because of this discussion, I'm going to make a HT system using 3 modified T Amps and a good quality pre amp. It will have to be 5.1 as I don't have the space behind the sofa for a 6.1 set up. That being said, 3 T Amps = 6 channels of what to do with the extra channel if I'm staying 5.1? My initial thought was to use two centre speakers, and since I'll be using M3's for mains, two more for the centre seems logical to me. Opinions?

Would I be better off placing them directly on either side of the TV so I can get them on the same level as the mains, or in the usual above/below screen location?

It's a small 12x10x7 room and the surrounds will most likely be QS4's, but since 5.1 music is a large part of my reason for building this system, I'm not ruling out the possibility of going with M3's all around.

Opinions and advice are welcome and appreciated.

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