IMO a lot of the ti vs v4 debate depends on the content you are playing.

Around the time the ti speakers were developed the audio business was in a downturn while the home theater business was going crazy. I still find ti speakers pretty much ideal for home theater, while they can be a bit edgy on some music.

My theory (supported by some, mocked by others) is that a lot of popular music was mixed with monitor speakers that had a deliberate dip in the 2-4 KHz region (sometimes called "the BBC dip") since that response seemed to be popular with average listeners. The problem was that if you mix and EQ through speakers with a 2-4 KHz dip and then play back on speakers that have a bit of emphasis in that region you can end up with "bright" fairly easily.

Not sure of the reason but I never had that problem with home theater content. I'm guessing that the reference systems used for mixing movies had something closer to a flat or even slightly peaky response in that region, resulting in a more neutral balance across the frequencies...

... or it could just be that music from the 80s and 90s really was as awful as people say it was smile