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So what are you watching tonight? #220960 09/14/2008 2:54 AM
by CV
Sorry if there's an old thread of this. I couldn't find one after searching for 5 seconds, so have this one.

I watched both volumes of Kill Bill today on Blu-ray. They both looked very stunning, with the second having a slight edge, although the audio of both really stole the show. Tarantino really knows how to create a lively, varied soundtrack. Besides the music, the sound effects are a lot of fun, with different scenes giving focus to what's happening onscreen in different ways.

It had been a while since I'd seen either, and I'm glad. Seeing them both in the same day on Blu-ray, in my home theater, really made me appreciate them as well as my system. I would certainly use them to show off what I have. I look forward to the impending release of Death Proof and the inevitable release of Pulp Fiction.

Now I need to work on the final disc of Cowboy Bebop, and later I'll watch Michael Phelps host Saturday Night Live.
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Re: So what are you watching tonight? #438188 Sep 18th a 09:26 AM
by aaaaaaaaaaaaa
Meat Eater on Netflix.

Not your typical hunting/fishing show. Beautifully shot and presented in a way that draws you into the experience. Highly recommended.

I dont even hunt.
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Re: So what are you watching tonight? #438204 Sep 19th a 04:24 PM
by brendo
Last night My kids watched PONYO forgot how well done the Ghibli movies are. I have them all {English versions] Really good soundtracks very immersive. My kids used to watch them regularly now once and a while.

Haven't clicked on My Spy yet, most kids movies tend to be better than the rest nowadays. Not just over dramatic romance. Find it hard to watch most movies on Prime. Myself can't take romance.{It's always the same damn story}

Watched Judy, Can't believe I sat through Rene Zellweger trying to sing. She was flat the whole time drove me crazy.
Also did Elton was okay why does every thing made for women audiences need to be a love story.
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Re: So what are you watching tonight? #438316 Sep 25th a 03:15 AM
by Mojo
Midway is absolutely scary at reference level. I'm 14 feet away from the subs and I'm feeling breezes. I have the 800 playing just the .1 channel. I'm feeling it pretty good.

I'd sure like QS surrounds with triple 8" woofers. And 800s instead of 500s flanking the actives. Then I might not just feel it but actually come apart!
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Re: So what are you watching tonight? #438350 Sep 26th a 12:11 AM
by nagarajbr
If interested check out Hey email. The service comes from the company that built Basecamp and the Ruby on Rails web framework. David Heinemeier the guy who created it has a very opinionated approach and is reflected in the products his companies have developed. Worth checking out @
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Re: So what are you watching tonight? #438374 Sep 26th a 04:27 PM
by chesseroo
Originally Posted by Mojo
What did you do with your gmail history? Do you use a phone client for your email with
Gmail history?
I can only assume you mean any emails in the inbox or other folders. I have an email app on my home PC that downloads all locally. I can move those into other local folders on my home PC. I never keep anything on cloud servers. I also never used Gmail extensively. We have a local ISP and have used their email for years but knowing we were switching off that ISP (Bell based so getting more expensive every year), we had to tank our ISP emails. I wanted something like a Gmail, universal, not tied to an ISP, but that was more secure, not a known snooping company who's admitted to reading people's personal email. Having your own domain name was a bonus.

Phone client?
I'm assuming you mean what email app i might use. I actually don't use any email app on my phone except for Gmail. To login into my Webnames i use the browser directly. There are email apps one could use though. Find one you like and trust.
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Re: So what are you watching tonight? #438441 Sep 29th a 04:25 AM
by bridgman
Originally Posted by Kodiak
Why are folks migrating away from gmail? What did I miss? I’ve got A TON ( well my whole life really ) in Gmail. Should I be concerned about something?

This is in no way a detailed security analysis (probably focuses on the least serious issues) but fun to watch:

GMail Man
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Re: So what are you watching tonight? #444071 Nov 25th a 04:30 PM
by michael_d
Agree with Trevor. I bought the UB820 when it was initially released. It's been working without issue.

Panasonic also has a more 'professional' model out (UB9000) that's essentially the same player, but aluminum case that I wanted to get, but couldn't find one at a reasonable price point.

I bought the LOTR extended version in 4K a couple months ago. Waiting for a day I don't need to do anything to binge-watch it. These movies are one of the few that I actually prefer watching the extended versions.
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Re: So what are you watching tonight? #445229 May 3rd a 08:23 PM
by michael_d
Originally Posted by TrevorM
Hans Zimmer Live in Prague. What a show! Incredible bass extension. New rattles to cure now. Lol.

Finally got around to watching this in 4K/Atmos after I ordered the disk. It was as you describe. Something anyone could enjoy, regardless of music preference. I did not know who Hans Zimmer was, or this was movie themes, but we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Outstanding.
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Re: So what are you watching tonight? #446624 Nov 21st a 05:00 AM
by Hambrabi
NAD uploaded a self-promotional 50th anniversary documentary about their history.

I was never exposed to NAD until my 20's, by which time I had already heard of their quality control issues during the 90's, something they address in an unsatisfactory mea culpa way. And frankly, I will never feel nostalgic for any hifi brand that lacked brushed stainless steel finishes.
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