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It's burning!!! #436930 05/30/2020 2:49 AM
by Mojo
Holy crap all you people in the US. Your country is on bloody fire! What the hell is going on down there?
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Re: It's burning!!! #436977 May 31st a 07:54 PM
by michael_d
I generally avoid these conversations. They never end well. Emotion overrules rational thought and discussion, and conversation crumbles into insults. I found the opening post one of curiosity, and maybe a dash of baiting, but I did not find it insulting or from a position of moral superiority.

Protesting is a constitutionally protected rite. Rioting and looting, however, are not and should be dealt with immediately. I raised my hand and swore an oath to protect the constitution of the United States of America - even the right to burn the flag I love, despite my disgust towards that act of protected free speech. I did not serve to protect a thug that thinks he/she can rob me or my neighbors without punishment. Without law and order, anarchy prevails.

What's happening now is wrong. Extremist groups have exploited a terrible act of police brutality and turned this into an opportunity to divide this country during an election year. These "protests" are occurring in democratic cities too, coincidence? I think not. The media is not covering things fairly either. They are calling riots and looting - peaceful protests. They are lying. There is nothing peaceful about burning a building down, or throwing Molotov cocktails at police cars.

I have spent my entire adult life enjoying a unique position of middle ground. That's probably due to my study of philosophy, and thinking deeply about things. I vote for who I think will do the best job, not for a "party". Both liberals and conservatives have perspectives that deserve respect and thought. There must be a balance of both, or the entire system breaks down. George Washington warned against a two-party system in his farewell address. He was correct. We are seeing his predictions come true now.

When Trump was elected, the narrative was no longer an argument between liberal and conservative viewpoints, but about Trump; and if you hated him, or loved him. Middle ground no longer exists. The media and the political establishment has waged war on him, and are openly hostile and dishonest, or downright liers. He has bought much of that onto himself by his horrid choice of words and woeful lack of charisma that liberals view a critical characteristic their leaders must-have. Despite my agreement with most of his policy choices and direction he is taking the country, I dread hearing him talk or seeing some of his tweets. I get why liberals loath the guy. It's unfortunate they can't see past his shortcomings and take a more neutral posture towards policy and seek the truth verse be lead by the nose by the mindless group think mob that hates him so much.

Journalism is dead from what I can tell. It's all about ratings and pandering to an audience that will fund executive bonus checks. There was a time when I would watch some MSNBC, then FOX News to see both sides of an argument. Then I'd watch CNN to find middle ground. Now, I can't take a second of CNN or MSNBC. FOX has now become "middle ground" for me. I just ignore the talking heads. I am now right of center, no longer interested in being labeled a racist or bigot because I disagree with a liberal viewpoint. The pendulum has moved way too far left and needs to swing a bit to the right. Balance is needed. I only hope it doesn't go too far, now that the media is no longer interested in honest and fair reporting. They are supposed to be the ones who keep lunatics on both sides of an argument in check. Now they are active participants.
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Re: It's burning!!! #436946 May 31st a 04:02 AM
by craigsub
Originally Posted by Mojo
Holy crap all you people in the US. Your country is on bloody fire! What the hell is going on down there?

Our country is not on fire. A bunch of far left assholes are having a tantrum. They are stealing other people's property. They are burning down buildings. In one case, they burned down an apartment complex being built for the poor.

To be blunt, I am sick and fucking tired of the left controlling the narrative in our so called media. This tantrum affects about 0.01 percent of the country. They are thugs, and not worth a shit.

Do you have any other stupid questions?

To the moderators here: If you want to ban me for language, I really don't give a fuck. I am fucking tired of America being viewed as being represented by a few thugs, and I am WAY beyond tired of Canadians acting superior.
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Re: It's burning!!! #436966 May 31st a 05:03 PM
by 2x6spds
Hi Craig

Don't let the assholes get to you. You are absolutely correct, leftist/anarchist wreckers have hijacked the George Floyd issue and are using it to try to destroy our great country.

The left never wants a discussion about leftist violence and their hatred of free enterprise, free speech and our liberties. That is what is behind the violence we see.

This is an important topic and if some people don't want to participate or disagree, well, as we used to say in the good-old-days, it's a free country.

I hope you don't go as I always enjoy your comments, and of course, I usually agree with you.

Enjoy the music, don't sell your Axioms, and now you know why so many people buy AR15s.

Peace on you brother!!!

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Re: It's burning!!! #436962 May 31st a 04:50 PM
by 2x6spds
Insurrection. Anarchy. The desire to burn the system down. That's what Antifa (the totalitarian fascist shock troops of the left) is working for.

They infiltrate popular demonstrations against what happened to George Floyd and turn them into well organized violent attacks against police and society.

Then you have thug culture looting and burning.

You also have leftist media making excuses and suggesting a false narrative that the violence is caused by white supremacists.

Ultimately, you have a bad cop who murdered a decent man, a bad cop who acted with a malignant and abandoned heart. He will be convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison. But the story is no longer about George Floyd. It is about a violent insurrection by the hard left and their anarchist coventurers.

It's time to designate Antifa a domestic terrorist organization and put the FBI to work on what they should be doing instead of participating in a coup against our president.
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Re: It's burning!!! #436961 May 31st a 04:40 PM
by rrlev
I didn’t take Tex’s post that way ... I took it as a conversation starter ...
It is posted in the right place ... the water cooler.

IMO, the US seem to have broken into two very vocal factions ... each thinks the other is spreading miss information and is generally misinformed. Each believes what they believe and only listens to new outlets, talk shows, or social media which supports that belief. I often have to fact check some of the more compelling arguments that twist what was done or said. Most don’t do that and take at face value what ever was said on the media they subscribe to.

The real problem is trying to get people to talk about it calmly and objectively. A lot of people can not seem to do that ... it’s just a too emotional topic.
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Re: It's burning!!! #436970 May 31st a 06:27 PM
by bridgman
Ouch... that didn't go well.

I realize it's probably too late, but Craig I don't think Mojo wrote his initial post out of any feeling of superiority... we mostly avoid this kind of "piling on" by the professional protestors because we're too small and too cold to be interesting. On the rare occasion that something big happens here (eg the G-7 summit a few years ago) we have all the same problems.

TrevorM, my impression is that the protests themselves are regarded as reasonable and even necessary; the problem is that they get hijacked by smaller, more violent groups that are just looking for an excuse to riot and are happy to see the cities burn since they don't live there.

I don't believe the "80% of protestors are from out of state" stories but the arrest statistics (mostly white) suggest that the people starting fires and urging violence are not the same ones who initially gathered to protest.

Where it all gets blurry is that people who originally came out for a peaceful protest get caught up in the mob and become part of it even though that was the last thing they had in mind at the start. Mob psychology is pretty powerful, unfortunately.
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Re: It's burning!!! #436981 May 31st a 09:15 PM
by rrlev
Fox is not an exactly neutral news organization ...

All I can ask it that you factcheck through at least one known to be neutral organization ...

is a good one and seems to hold both sides accountable.
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Re: It's burning!!! #436972 May 31st a 06:57 PM
by brendo
I personally try to avoid news just take the headlines with a grain of salt.
Here in the North our news is running with this at full pace. Sadly they are biased to what their owners want and scare tactics to keep the drones watching at the edge of their seats. Deliberately miss leading the masses is easier than a single person!!!

Hoping this topic is not enough for our most valuable knowledgeable board members to leave. It will pass the same as our current lock down will.

Glad your back Trevor.

Bodycount needs a new CopKiller track or the remaining NWA with F the Police remakes. Another good one from the time was Paris The Devil Made Me
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Re: It's burning!!! #437005 Jun 1st a 08:57 PM
by aaaaaaaaaaaaa
Lol. Yer like the smally kid that doesnt know he’s smelly. laugh

Just jokin’.

Good deal on his used products though. Not far from you, Nick. Well, 10hr drive. Uhaul?!
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Re: It's burning!!! #437013 Jun 1st a 11:17 PM
by aaaaaaaaaaaaa
Why wouldnt you guys use the ignore function?

Pretty sure I’m on a few! Lol.

Anyways.... this thread is tapped. See you in the others fellow audio humans. smile
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Re: It's burning!!! #437048 Jun 4th a 04:58 PM
by michael_d
That's dumb.

I had s similar problem at the Corvette forum. Got sick and tired of dealing with some of the more prolific idiots, so I just stopped helping folks with free advice. Have not been back since. I didn't sell my vette though.
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Re: It's burning!!! #437016 Jun 1st a 11:46 PM
by 2x6spds
I'm totally OK with Mr. Mojo.

Friends, he kept this site alive. Mojo is the 300 joule paddle for this site. He is the exact opposite to those who put this site to sleep. He is unremittingly frisky and enthusiastic.

Now, having said that, if you look at his collection of Axiom speakers (the entire line, my friends) you may conclude he is a bubble-off. But, it's in our direction!

The problem with engineer types is that they know too much. Audio is a combination of art and science, numbers do not tell the whole story. But, I digress.

Craig is a foundational pillar of this site. His reviews and tests of speakers required the investment of a lot of money and time, and are immensely valuable.

Now, not to compare either to our canine friends, but Mojo is like a puppy who has the occasional accident ... and Craig, is like a wise Golden Lab, who doesn't want anyone to piss on his paw.

So, out of love for both, may I say, "CAN'T WE ALL GET ALONG?"
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