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M22 vs M5HP #437714 08/12/2020 3:30 AM
by Rebulx
Currently have two M3ti's in the office where I do a good bit of movie watching and music listening. Love the M3s, but it's time to upgrade, as they are 15 years old. Saw some M22's for $500 on the deals page, seems like a great upgrade? What's the diff from the M5hp? Are they the same cabinet?
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Re: M22 vs M5HP #437749 Aug 15th a 12:36 PM
Originally Posted by Rebulx
what are the woofers in a M22?
Here is the "hidden" link -
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Re: M22 vs M5HP #437735 Aug 13th a 05:30 PM
by rrlev
I like the tall thin look of the M22 ... and sound wise it is a great combo with the EP500

I'm kind of toying with making a proposal to resurrect an "M22 like" speaker as a floor standing one paired with a sub. This gives a complete full range package at hopefully a reasonable price point (no stands needed).

To differentiate it I'd accentuate the thinness by removing ~1" form the front and back (if that didn't interfere with sound or foldability of the box in some way). This would give it a much less boxy look than an M50 or M60 ... a sleeker, lighter look which might blend in better with some decors. The M60 is 37.5"H x 9.25"W x 15"D. I'm thinking this one could be the same height but say 37"H x 6.25W x 13"D with a grill going the full height to keep the visual tallness. Besides helping with offsetting the volume loss of making it thinner perhaps the extra volume in the cabinet could be used to extend the bass a bit or trade for another visually thinning element ...

ahhh, Once again ... I'm wasting time when I have stuff to do ...
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Re: M22 vs M5HP #437767 Aug 16th a 09:13 PM
by rrlev
I look at sound & equipment as being separate ... I'm always on the prowl for best performance/$. In the 90's one of my hobbies was finding great speakers at a value. I trained on speakers which were beyond my price point (B&W 802's) and then went searching for ones which sounded similar at a fraction of the price ... less known brands usually fill that space.

When I bought my turntable, I knew I was buying cool tech for cool tech sake ... I didn't think it would make a bit of difference to the sound. Buying actives I was relying on trust of Axiom for the new tech. Big amps took me years to decide that they had a justifiable effect (as I always auditioned them at reasonable levels) ... Although I'll never justify an ADA1500/speaker. That was Axiom's doing in pricing the Active/ADA1500 intro package at a level I could not turn down.

Now, I think you and Floyd have a very good point ... Most High-End buyers are buyers of equipment not sound.
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