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Posted By: MarkSJohnson App demo software? - 06/30/16 07:36 PM
I only started using my AxiomAir yesterday, and will be using it with Android devices.

I remember seeing a video or something many months ago that kind of previewed the software/app. I realize that it may not be too current with version upgrades, but would still like to see it.

Anybody know where it is?
Posted By: fredk Re: App demo software? - 07/01/16 01:31 AM
I'm sure I saw it somewhere on the internets.
Posted By: Ian Re: App demo software? - 07/01/16 07:26 AM
Hi Mark,

The App works just the same as the WebUI so a video on either would work. We are planning a series of little videos on things about the AxiomAir over the next few months, and the interface will be one.
Posted By: MarkSJohnson Re: App demo software? - 07/01/16 11:22 AM
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