Home network connectivity.

Posted by: Metal_Manic

Home network connectivity. - 07/30/16 04:28 PM

My connectivity to the home network and the AA has been inconsistent to say the least. At times things are working smoothly. Most recently, I cannot even connect to my home network. The app on my android device will not open beyond a 'searching...' message (device Nexus 5/app rebooted multiple times). I've also rebooted the AA. During THIS period of frustration the AA had not been moved from it's location (it was working before). I have not lost my internet connectivity with any other devices in the home. The AA blue light just suddenly switched off and will not come back on.

Since the app will not open, I've attempted to exercise ANOTHER factory reset under the instruction of the included paper manual. Sadly, axiomair.local/ indicates that the 'site cannot be reached'.

Other oddities of late, the AA is switching off on it's own. At first I thought it was a battery (18h battery option) drain (although I have yet to see a red light recharge indicator appear), so I then plugged it into its outlet power source. It has also randomly switched off while under corded power.

So basically I have a pretty 14lb. paperweight sitting on my hutch.

By the time I've completed this post, the blue light is now blinking along with the red. I'm still not able to connect with the AA app. I've rebooted the AA AGAIN and now all it does is indicate a solid green on light.

Any suggestions? I've exhausted the troubleshooting suggestions in the manual.
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Re: Home network connectivity. - 07/30/16 05:12 PM

UPDATE: I still have no access to my home network. This, despite 3rd factory reset and recent ability to access the AA hotspot. Connection to the network is promptly acknowledged on the app however when it attempts to switch over to the network, it is unable to be found. The AA remains in hotspot mode. All other devices in the home are easily connected to the network.

I am able to onlt play music from my device with my uPnp when it is in hotspot mode.

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Re: Home network connectivity. - 07/31/16 07:44 AM

Update: AA remains in hotspot mode and I have had zero success to switch it to the home network. Everything checks out on the app. when I connect to the home network but when I do, that familiar 'searching...' screen comes on and remains that way.
Posted by: Ian

Re: Home network connectivity. - 07/31/16 08:30 AM

It probably makes the most sense to call our 888 number on Tuesday and we can walk through this with you. In the meantime if your network password contains any odd characters or spaces I would change it to something simpler and try that. I am assuming you do not have a hidden SSID.

If the blue LED is flashing you are in hotspot mode. If it is solid blue you are on a network.
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Re: Home network connectivity. - 07/31/16 10:08 AM

Yes. Thanks Ian. I just returned to this forum to announce that by some long weekend miracle the AA has just decided to reconnect with the network. I will still likely call the 888 on Tuesday to run over a few things. I appreciate the reply.