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Hello all
I have an issue with the AA (or not an issue), that I would like to know your experience. Likely, this is already commented somewhere on the forum, so apologize for duplicating, and the link to the proper post is appreciated

I moved and I dont have internet connected yet. I hooked up the AA, logged in its network with the iPhone, and while I was connected allright, I could not see any song from my phone in the GUI. If I clicked on My Playlists, nothing appears. If I played a song from Itunes, it didnt send to the AA. As a matter of fact, the only option that seems to be usable was to setup analog input or not (which BTW, I was using with the headphone output from the DVD player). All other options were empty inside. Any particular step that is needed to see your songs when connected to the AA Wifi ?


This is something of a confusing concept, and we have not done the best job explaining it, so it's understandable that you're confused! The music shown under Music Library on the WebUI will only display music from either a USB drive plugged into the AxiomAir, or from a NAS drive that you have configured. Music that resides on your phone or tablet will not be displayed here, as the typical use case is for you to select and play the music on your device and send it to the AxiomAir via AirPlay or uPnP. Once you have connected to the AA hot-spot WiFi network on your iPhone, simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen and tap AirPlay. One of the options displayed will be AxiomAir. Tap on it, click done, and then any music you play on your iPhone will play over the AxiomAir.


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