So far only 1 problem...

Posted by: RonD

So far only 1 problem... - 08/19/16 10:39 AM

Just rec'd my AA and after downloading the Android app on my S7 and I could find the wifi signal from the AA. Played a few tunes via USB stick controlling the content/volume via the S7.

Today to check for any updates I connected the AA to my home network and now I cannot find it on available wifi networks. At this stage you've probably figured out I'm somewhat "TI" (technically impaired)...

Went through the return to factory settings process found on the AA FAQ section and still cannot find AA's wifi signal.

Shouldn't have screwed with it and for the next while all I want to do is play music via USB and cannot control the unit via my phone's available wifi networks.

TIA, Any assistance will be most appreciated.
Posted by: EFalardeau

Re: So far only 1 problem... - 08/19/16 11:39 AM

Once you connect to your home network, you need to use your network to connect to the AA. The user manual (check the FAQ on the AA page on axiom website) provides ways to find the AA on your network (it depends on devices and operating systems).
Posted by: RonD

Re: So far only 1 problem... - 08/19/16 03:50 PM

Went through the app and reset to factory settings so I can access the AA via its own wifi signal. Will read a little deeper before I venture outside my comfort zone.

thanks for your input