Axiom Air Ipad Troubles

Posted by: CCharbs

Axiom Air Ipad Troubles - 10/19/16 02:02 PM

Hey Guys,

I received my axiom air yesterday and things work fine using my blackberry priv running android software and bubble upnp but when I try running music off my ipad it works sometimes and others its jumping and cuts in and out and the volume control as well on the ipad jumps all over the place. Sometimes the music is playing on the ipad and and it is connected to the air but the sound is not coming through as the song is playing. I will then switch to my priv and it works fine. Is this a problem with the ipad? I just don't understand why it works sometimes and not others and then is jumpy other times. and sometimes it will be working fine and then turn to jumpy and eventually off.
Posted by: CCharbs

Re: Axiom Air Ipad Troubles - 10/20/16 11:10 AM

Hey Guys,

So I bought a new ipad mini 4 to test it out with the axiom air as well and I have the same issue with the spotty play, both when I'm streaming from Spotify or using iTunes. Once I switch to my priv using bubble upnp I have no issues other than with the volume control. What could be the problem?
Posted by: Ian

Re: Axiom Air Ipad Troubles - 10/21/16 03:23 AM

Hi CCharbs,

I have a few thoughts on this. We will need some details about your set-up. Can you send me or Debbie an e-mail or PM and we can arrange a time to go over it on the phone?
Posted by: EFalardeau

Re: Axiom Air Ipad Troubles - 10/21/16 06:12 AM

Can you make sure Bubble UPnP is completely off when you try to use AirPlay? It is very possible that Bubble UPnP reacts to the change of "current URL" (current song) and tries to "fix it" thus making the AA believe it is no longer streaming AirPlay, but back to UPnP.
Posted by: CCharbs

Re: Axiom Air Ipad Troubles - 10/21/16 01:00 PM

I do not run bubble UPnP on my ipad so there is no problem there and I have made sure it is off on my blackberry. It does it as well even when i'm not home and its just my wife and the ipad. I have turned off the Bluetooth on both ipads to make sure there was no interference that way. Not sure what to do. I will give you guys a call later this afternoon.