AxiomAir pics?

Posted by: Newf

AxiomAir pics? - 11/15/16 10:02 PM

Since my other thread is pretty much dead....

How about some pics of the Air? So I can see the different woods. Anyone got any? Come on guys, show em off!
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Re: AxiomAir pics? - 11/16/16 08:22 PM

Posted by: Ian

Re: AxiomAir pics? - 11/18/16 01:54 AM

Yes, it would be great to see some lifestyle shots of the AxiomAir.

Did you check out Customize Yours on the AxiomAir N3 product page? The picture will change depending on the body, grille, and top you choose.
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Re: AxiomAir pics? - 11/18/16 01:56 PM

yes. but no matter how good a web site is, pictures from owners are the best way to appreciate the wood and such. I'd also like to see what owners are doing with them. For me it'll be a kitchen and patio speaker. I'm hoping to find a decent corner stand, one that can even hide a small sub under it if I need it. I mean the Air has a sub out...might as well use it!
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Re: AxiomAir pics? - 11/18/16 09:49 PM

Great thread idea
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Re: AxiomAir pics? - 11/21/16 09:55 AM

I'm going to have to buy one just to post a picture of it in my own thread frown
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Re: AxiomAir pics? - 11/22/16 02:42 PM

This is going to be funny because at this rate by the time Axiom builds and ships my AxiomAir I just ordered, I will be the first person posting a pic in this thread.

I feel so
Posted by: Gr8_White_North

Re: AxiomAir pics? - 11/22/16 03:39 PM

This really surprises me, everyone that used to come here was big on pics but that just doesn't happen much anymore. Even the gallery is dead as a door nail. I enjoy seeing what others are doing, shame really.
Posted by: Lucas

Re: AxiomAir pics? - 11/24/16 04:19 PM

Well, just looking at this thread, I have a couple pics, but I just ordered the plain black. That way it hopefully "fits" in with most decor, as I'm kind of on the move. But here it is. I'm just using them as speakers in my room currently. I had planned to use them in different parts of my 2 bedroom apartment, but then I had to move. But I'm having some issues with them and not able to use them as I had thought I would. I don't find the user interface as useful and I understood. It's been a little frustrating.


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Re: AxiomAir pics? - 12/02/16 10:05 AM

One thing I'm noticing with the different pictures of the Air on the product page, video's etc. Some have the traditional Axiom logo on the grill, some have this odd looking AxiomAir molded into the door.

Lucas's pics above looks like the latter of the two.

So were the prototypes one way, and the final design another or was there an update at some point? I prefer the door to be flat and as invisible as possible, with a nice Axiom logo on the grill like the other 22+ Axiom's in my house smile
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Re: AxiomAir pics? - 12/22/16 01:20 PM

Well mine is here today. I'll post some pics later on.
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Re: AxiomAir pics? - 12/23/16 09:21 AM

Quick Pics of mine. I ordered Walnut, in Expresso with semi gloss. Its lighter than I thought it would be but still very nice. Glad I didn't get caramel.

Axiom does very nice wood.

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Re: AxiomAir pics? - 12/27/16 03:15 PM

MY temp stand until I can find something that matches a little better, assuming I keep the Air. It does fit in a corner well since the back is beveled a bit.

Posted by: Gr8_White_North

Re: AxiomAir pics? - 12/27/16 03:24 PM

Looks like a perfect fit to me. Hopefully the replacement will be up to your expectations.
Posted by: Newf

Re: AxiomAir pics? - 01/06/17 10:22 PM

When they say the top is easy to remove they aren't kidding. Magnets. Genius. One suction cup from a xmas decoration and voila. Matter of fact its so easy is almost like to have the cheap non wood top for when I do take it out

Posted by: Nachosgrande

Re: AxiomAir pics? - 01/11/17 09:06 PM

Are you getting any low end booming in that corner and on the rack?

Mine is on a console table next to a wall and I'm not getting a tight low end in that location. Combo of close to the wall or perhaps the vibration from the unit on the console table. I'll look into decoupling the legs of the AA with some foam perhaps.
Posted by: Mojo

Re: AxiomAir pics? - 01/11/17 09:58 PM

Get it out of the corner. When I had mine, it was well away from room boundaries.
Posted by: Newf

Re: AxiomAir pics? - 01/12/17 09:14 PM

If I take it out of the corner.... I hardly hear any bass. It's actually several inches out from the corner.
Posted by: Mojo

Re: AxiomAir pics? - 01/12/17 09:18 PM

Do you have the volume turned down really, really low?
Posted by: Newf

Re: AxiomAir pics? - 01/13/17 01:19 PM

50 to 60 percent most times I think. The jump from there on is significant.
Posted by: Mojo

Re: AxiomAir pics? - 01/13/17 02:35 PM

I didn't have that problem when I had mine. It could be our ears are different or Axiom changed the response. Optimizing the response on a product like this is challenging without incorporating EQ or a DSP. Does one optimize it for placement close to room boundaries or not?
Posted by: Newf

Re: AxiomAir pics? - 01/13/17 07:22 PM

What kind of music do you listen to mojo?
Posted by: Mojo

Re: AxiomAir pics? - 01/14/17 01:14 AM

Not that rap, techno or country crap you listen to. And not through those M3 toys you have. I have manly-man M80s.

Kidding aside though, I put very well-recorded rock, blues, jazz and percussion through the Air. I had it situated 6 to 8 feet away from room boundaries. It certainly didn't lack bass.
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Re: AxiomAir pics? - 01/14/17 11:18 AM

Lol. I have m80's
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Re: AxiomAir pics? - 03/01/17 07:20 PM

Whitewash pine. Plus a great way to add some bass to the AxiomAir