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Posted By: Cupcake101 Air charger plug in issues - 04/02/17 02:11 AM
Hi, my axiom air charging brick thing has been working on and off and now it doesn't work at all. When I plug it in it just makes a chirping sound every couple seconds. No green light. Tried plugging it in different outlets. No luck. No damage, pretty much keep it in the same spot in the home for charging.
Lots of disconnecting off my wifi from iPhone which is really annoying!
Also, a couple times my speaker has made this horrible loud buzzing sound (music cuts out) almost deafening. Not sure what that's about but to turn it off I had to hold the power button down for a minute to force it off (not responding).
Anyone else have these issues??
Posted By: Mojo Re: Air charger plug in issues - 04/02/17 03:42 AM
You need to call Axiom. Others have had brick problems too.
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