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Posted By: Newf Battery Drain - 05/24/17 10:20 PM
Explain to me this. Why is it that when the Air is left unplugged, and not used, the battery dies like in a week? I've got two, they both drain the battery when not in use.
Posted By: exlabdriver Re: Battery Drain - 05/25/17 04:23 PM
My 2 new Toyotas - 2016 RAV4 & 2017 Prius v do the same thing over a couple of weeks.

The myriad of on board computers are continually draining their batteries when not in use. No problem if they are daily drivers; however, let them sit for 3 weeks (like I do often) & the batteries become weak. Both are now serviced by Battery Tenders like my motorcycle.

I suspect that your AIRs may doing the same thing...

Posted By: Newf Re: Battery Drain - 05/25/17 06:50 PM
The Air has an Pi unit and an amp. Neither of which should be draining battery when unit is off. These batteries are large, should not be draining themselves just sitting on a shelf unplugged. There is no way to turn it on via an app, or Wake on Lan so what's using the power?

Also, I can smell when these units are charging. If you leave them plugged in, there's a distinct smell, and the battery is warm.

Typically, with Lithium you don't want the battery charging unless its drained. I'm worried about how long these things will last. I keep one of my Air's plugged in 24/7 because we use it a lot, but why is the battery constantly charging? like a trickle charge. I could understand say every 3 or for days maybe the battery tops itself up, but this is daily. Like what is using the battery when it's plugged in? and not plugged in and off?
Posted By: exlabdriver Re: Battery Drain - 05/25/17 08:02 PM
Mine is always plugged in & in fact I've never used it on battery. Never smelled anything either.

Perhaps the Pi Unit has parasitic drain.

Only the Axiom gurus would know for sure...

Posted By: Andrew Re: Battery Drain - 05/26/17 05:39 PM
Newf and TAM,

A fully charged AxiomAir battery will last on average for about two weeks before discharging. This is due to standby leakage current of the input filter capacitor, the software power switch, and the internal battery pack monitoring electronics. We recommend leaving the AxiomAir plugged in at all times since the power consumption is only around 1W when the unit is shutdown and the battery fully charged. There is sophisticated circuitry built into the battery pack itself that monitors individual cell voltages and currents, pack temperature, and charging. When the battery pack reaches full charge this circuitry takes the charging supply off-line. Only when the battery level drops below a full charge will the charging circuit "top up" the battery. There is no harm to the system or the battery by leaving the system plugged in continuously. When the battery starts charging from an empty or near empty state there will be some warming of the battery housing. This is from the charger electronics and not the cells themselves and is perfectly normal. As for the smell, it could be some remaining out-gassing of the paint used on the AxiomAir itself rather than anything to do with the battery. If there is a situation where you need the battery to be ready to go and don't have the opportunity to keep the system plugged in you can always remove the battery pack, disconnect the battery wire harness, and reinstall the battery pack. By doing this the battery will remain fully charged for months and can be re-connected when ready to use.


Posted By: exlabdriver Re: Battery Drain - 05/27/17 05:39 PM
Thanks for the explanation.

Seems that most devices today with computers on board have some parasitic drain.

My cars certainly exhibit this condition...

Posted By: Newf Re: Battery Drain - 05/28/17 04:34 PM
thanks Andrew
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