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Posted By: Newf Subwoofer output - 03/07/18 02:56 PM
I haven't used the subwoofer output much since I got my two units. But every time I did it was very poor and low volume.

Now I have a spare sub to use with it I decided to try it again. It's practically useless. I tried EP500/800, 3 SVS subs. All the same. Tried different cables, tried analog input and radio. You can tell the sub is on, there is a little bit of bass coming from it but only with their volumes are on 10. I also have to turn the Air up quite loud in order to even hear the bass in the subs. This is dangerous. I don't ever want my subs on max volume.

Anyone else using their sub out?
Both my Air's are the same.
Posted By: Mojo Re: Subwoofer output - 03/07/18 04:34 PM
I never had that problem when I had my Air. I was using it with my cheap Sony sub that has an input impedance of over 600kOhms. Are you using a known good cable?
Posted By: Newf Re: Subwoofer output - 03/07/18 05:59 PM
just a rca cable with a mono jack on the other side.
Posted By: Mojo Re: Subwoofer output - 03/08/18 05:27 AM
Can you check the cable on a different system? If the cable is good, the Air's sub pre-amp may not have enough 'nad-mass to drive those subs.
Posted By: Newf Re: Subwoofer output - 03/08/18 05:50 PM
it would be really odd of Axiom designed the Air and it doesn't work with their own EP500. I'm going to get a cable made with the proper connections on each end. I have the advantage of working somewhere that have engineers doing this all day. I'll report back.
Posted By: Mojo Re: Subwoofer output - 03/09/18 12:41 AM
It "works" but maybe it's not optimum. If you recall the history, the sub out was a late addition so maybe Andrew did the best he could with way he had. I hope I'm wrong and it's just your cable.

The rumour is the next Air will have a built-in 400W sub, 200W/channel 3-way with detachable speakers and tweetage on the back for omni-directivity; all DSP controlled.
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