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Posted By: exlabdriver Slow AA Launch - 04/01/18 06:29 PM
For the past several days, the AA control software is taking forever to launch on my Win 10 machine. It seems to take over a minute to fully launch with the initial black screen having nothing showing, then dim graphics & finally all of the graphics slowly come into view. Sometimes the rotating circle will show. This is in contrast to the few seconds it used to take previously.

I wonder if it was one of Win 10's infamous updates that has adversely affected it.

Anyone else having similar problems?

Posted By: exlabdriver Re: Slow AA Launch - 04/02/18 05:49 PM
Wouldn't you know it - it launched normally this morning but I'll keep an eye on it.

Computers, grrrrr...

Posted By: exlabdriver Re: Slow AA Launch - 05/13/18 01:55 AM
Continues to sometimes launches normally, other times it takes over a minute to populate the screen with all of the required graphics.

Weird - Win 10?

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