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Posted By: TwistedSpirit Multiple Wireless Acces Points - 05/26/18 09:21 PM
Hey there!

We recently move into our newly built house back in march.
I installed a few access points throughout the house to insure constant good WIFI signal. So far so go all of my devices works great... except the AxiomAir.

Since I have 3 AP, 2 in the house and 1 outdoor it sees the 3 of them, but when trying to connect it never succeeds even though the signal is like almost 100% given that I'm trying to use it outside and the AP is very close.

My guess is since the AP all have the same SSID (which is how it should work) it tries to connect to the one that has less signal in the end... even though I've selected it to connect to the strongest one.

Anyone had experience with that. I imagine any people with a mesh system would behave the same, as it's what I've did, but on my own.

Posted By: EFalardeau Re: Multiple Wireless Acces Points - 05/31/18 05:48 PM
No, the AxiomAir doesn't support multiple access points. It connects using the BSSID instead of the SSID so ONLY connects to the one you selected originally.
Posted By: TwistedSpirit Re: Multiple Wireless Acces Points - 06/09/18 07:15 PM
that doesn't seem to makes sens, because even if I select the strongest one (and I wasn't connected before) it doesn't seem to care and never connects to my exterior AP for example.
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