Posted by: 27dnast

Bluetooth? - 07/09/19 11:32 AM

How do you stream via Bluetooth to the AxiomAir?
Posted by: Ian

Re: Bluetooth? - 07/12/19 06:38 AM

You will need to be on Version 2.10.3 and have a Bluetooth dongle plugged into one of the USB ports.
Posted by: Cupcake101

Re: Bluetooth? - 09/14/19 12:51 AM

Hi, I am up to date on the latest update, bought the USB 4.0 dongle that Ian had on a link on a different thread here. BUT, i plugged the USB in and it won't pair because it's expecting a pairing code. I feel that the USB that came might be an old version because raspberry pi is not on the list of compatibility on the package it came in. Is this right? anyone else experience difficulty with the USB dongle thing?
Posted by: Ian

Re: Bluetooth? - 09/15/19 01:20 AM

It would not be unusual to see a pairing code. What happens when you tap the Connect button?