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Had an issue with the front bank of drivers on my LFR 1100's shutting down at high volumes. Called Axiom and spoke with Debby. After a brief conversation hoping to narrow down the problem, Debby asked if I could bring it to the factory. Fortunatly I live close and this was not a problem. When I arrived I again spoke to Debby but this time she asked Ian to chime in. We all agreed the symptoms seemed odd and that it would need to go to the bench for testing. The guys in the back immediatly started to work on it. (Sorry I didn't get your names guys but thanks). It wasn't long before they found out what was going on. I live in an older home that is far from well sealed. Seems a music loving mouse had decided that the inside of my speaker would make an ideal place to store his winter food supply. There was cat nibble and pretzels in every nook and cranny including on top of the cross-over. Voila...problem solved. Obviously this problem had nothing to do with any failure of the speaker and two employees were taken from thier usual duties during what is a very busy time for them.That said I left with a smile on my face and not a penny lighter. You guys rock
Dude, that is really effin' gross! Burn your house down and start over.

I live in the only habitable rat-free place on the planet but still have to deal with mice that were driven out of their natural habitat to make room for roads. They've invaded the adjacent neighborhoods and are getting into yards, garages, and homes. My neighbors don't know they're there and don't want to know even if they are. Fortunately my domicile is well sealed but I have implemented a perimeter protocol to doom them before they settle in my yard.

I would rather tangle with bears, cougars and wolves rather than dirty rodents and insects. Kudos to the Axiom folk who were brave enough to deal with your problem.
Hey Mojo We all don't have your money and can afford to start over. Besides if I had to rebuild I woudn't be able to buy any Axiom gear. What pray-tell does your perimeter protocol entail...perhaps I could try that.
I have no money. I've spent it all on Axiom Audio. Waaaaahooooo!

There are two strategies for your problem: 1. Make your property and domicile unattractive to mice and 2. make your neighbors' properties more attractive than yours. smile

I can add mouse whisperer to my repertoire of skills.
What do you need to make the maximum sound in the system? I am preparing equipment for the club!
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