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Posted By: DrBones Dejected AA owner - 02/16/20 08:26 AM
I am a long time owner of the AA having purchased in the original campaign. Yet, I have probably less than 30 hours on my unit!

I have no problem with the sound. When I can get it to work the sound is glorious and that makes my troubles all the more frustrating. My problem is and always has been WiFi connectivity via the app.

From day one it has never been able to maintain a connection. I would get a song or two or twenty and then, poof, gone. I have done updates, factory resets, talked with Axiom, and pulled my hair out. In all that time I have had no issues with any other tech device and any of my WiFi service. Until tonight I had been done with the AA for the last 3.5 years and it sat in my garage. Unloved. Lonely.

Tonight I decided to search up the old email from Axiom about update 2.08 from over a year ago. The email spoke of a 'completely rebuilt AxiomAir operating system'. I surmised that this may be my path to AA WiFi nirvana as promised so many years ago.

Following the well laid out instructions I soon had version 2.08 installed and I was like a kid on Christmas morning, excited and eager to use my new (again) toy. I opened the AA app and... same shit, same pile. Connectivity problems.

I tried to update from 2.08 and no go. It would not hold the connection long enough to update. I tried about 25 times. I got one song to play, the AA still sounds very good, and it crashed halfway through the song.

I am back to being exasperated as I was 3.5 years ago. I purchased the AA specifically for its WiFi function and portability around the home. I don't need it as a wired only option.

Before I retire the AA to the garage for the rest of eternity I thought I would ask for ideas on this forum. Does anyone, absolutely anyone, have any suggestions to get this AA, app and WiFi connectivity working?

Thank you for reading.

Posted By: Ian Re: Dejected AA owner - 02/16/20 12:10 PM
Hi James,

We can definitely get this working for you. It will likely be best to do it over the phone or on Skype if you could send me a PM with your contact details. We can remote access your AxiomAir and see in the logs why you are having dropout and fix it for you.
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