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Posted By: terzaghi N2 versus N3 - 08/22/20 09:39 PM
Probably some info here already... but how much better does N3 sound versus N2? Is is overall better In sound, or just Able to play louder and lower?

Also, a silly question I know, but how do this compare on sound quality and features to something like the google home Max?

I’m thinking the N2 is the route I should go, but looking for opinions to convince me to go up or down in price for One of the above options.
Posted By: Mojo Re: N2 versus N3 - 08/27/20 02:21 AM
David, the N3 sounds like M3 and the N2 sounds like M2. That's it a nutshell.

The N3 will give you a "fatter" sound with more bass. The N2 has a lighter touch on the bass.

I have both and don't find one "better" than the other. Sure the N3 goes louder and lower but the N2 is just as satisfying.

BTW, this is as it should be. Whether you buy a cheaper/smaller speaker from Axiom or a more expensive/bigger one, the satisfaction is the same as long as you operate it within spec. My M2 gives me as much satisfaction as my active LFR1100.

Note the button interface is nicer IMO on the N2. The N3 has the door in front that can be difficult to open.
Posted By: terzaghi Re: N2 versus N3 - 08/29/20 08:17 PM
Thanks as always Mojo. Had a birthday a while back and got the itch for a portable speaker. N2 is where I plan to go, thanks!
Posted By: Mojo Re: N2 versus N3 - 08/29/20 10:46 PM
FYI, as I said in another post, you'll get 19 hours from the battery at ~40% volume. That's plenty loud from 8 feet away.
Posted By: Mojo Re: N2 versus N3 - 09/11/20 10:37 PM
I'll just say it again. The mid-bass and phat bottom on the N3 is so much more satisfying than the Kickstarter version.
Posted By: Mojo Re: N2 versus N3 - 11/04/20 10:18 PM
I wonder what happened.
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