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Finishes - 05/26/01 01:56 PM

I have an odd request. I'm putting together a smaller, music only system for my study, and I'm anxious to try out your m3 or m40. My wife also shares this area for work, and her only stipulation was "no more black." (Hey, it matches everything). Would you be able to supply or post some pictures of the cherry and maple finishes?

Thanks for the great work,

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Re: Finishes - 05/28/01 12:16 PM

Hi Carl;

Here's a copy of the Maple and the Cherry finishes. Please keep in mind that we all set our monitors differently, so this is an idea, rather than an exact match. If you see the cherry as a warm reddish-brown, and the light maple as a very light blonde wood, then you're bang on the money! Hope one of them gets your wife's vote!

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Re: Finishes - 06/01/01 12:25 PM

Thank you. The cherry won, so expect an order soon.