My in-walls just arrived :)

Posted by: Luke Smith

My in-walls just arrived :) - 01/18/10 11:55 PM

My wife just let me know that my new speakers have turned up at home exactly a week after ordering them. Top work Axiom and Fedex \:\)

Now I'm resisting the urge to skip work two hours early and go home and have a play.... *twitch*

1 W100 In-Wall Speaker in Boston Cherry for 339.00 AUD
1 Pair W3 In-Wall Speakers in Boston Cherry for 439.00 AUD
1 Pair QS4 Surrounds in Boston Cherry for 570.00 AUD

is what I got \:\)

The only slight glitch is that because it came to over $1000 AUD I had to pay import duty/tax of ~%16, negating the %5 Axiom theater discount. Doh. I'll know better next time - split the order.

I'll post some pics of the install as it progresses \:\)
Posted by: St_PatGuy

Re: My in-walls just arrived :) - 01/18/10 11:59 PM

Congrats, Luke!!

I give you permission to go ahead and go home early to play with your new toys. ;\)

Getting new speakers is awesome!
Posted by: terzaghi

Re: My in-walls just arrived :) - 01/19/10 12:07 AM

Bummer about the tax but Congrats on the new speakers!
Posted by: madjak

Re: My in-walls just arrived :) - 01/19/10 05:14 AM

Hi Luke,

Yeah, I got stung the same way yesterday. I have let Axiom know and they say they'll get the webmaster to make the changes. It was an unwelcome surprise tho.

My speakers are meant to arrive tomorrow, hopefully.
Posted by: CatBrat

Re: My in-walls just arrived :) - 01/19/10 11:27 AM

I feel your joy. My W100 is due to arrive this Friday. Then in a couple of months will order the W22 pair. (Currently using M22's, but want in-wall mounts for the living room). Cheers.