Anyone try a phone intercom?

Posted by: oldskoolboarder

Anyone try a phone intercom? - 03/16/10 07:51 PM

This is not a dedicated intercom, but one that actually connects to your existing home phone.

Apparently, if you combine this with an existing, electric door strike, I can use it w/ my existing phones. When the door button is pressed, your phone rings and you can talk to someone at the door. Then you hit '*' on the phone to buzz them in, this is in addition to the standard indoor button.

I'm probably going to try it but curious if anyone has already. IIRC, wheelz suggested one but it was more of a true, dedicated video intercom. This is more low budget, but a little more clever.
Posted by: CV

Re: Anyone try a phone intercom? - 03/17/10 01:11 AM

Hey, let me know how that works, if you do try it. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do for my doorbell.
Posted by: darcman

Re: Anyone try a phone intercom? - 03/17/10 10:51 AM

Not a phone intercom, but I have tried phone sex and let me tell you it wasnt the same.
I know my sisters new satellite pvr has when the phone rings, it diplays across the screen.
You could just also put up a sign at the front door saying go away, Im to lazy to get up and answer the door.