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Posted By: doormat wine by the box - 04/15/10 03:48 AM
Came home from work really hungry, so made some pasta and had a glass of wine which quickly turned into many glasses of wine.

Have now been listening to my M22s for the last five hours getting louder and louder, harder and harder (rock, that is, you dirty minded bastiches). I really love these speakers but, wow, my old 128 stuff really sucks. I really need to re-rip. Having a thousand dollar computer speaker system has it's pluses and minuses.

Back to the wine, am now thinking that the limiting factor of opening bottles might be a good thing. Just walking to the four litre box to get more probably is not helping my grammar or spelling (thank goodness for squiggly lines, even if they don't know how to spell litre).

So, how many philistines like me are out there that think that C$30 for a four litre box of wine is a good idea [or, obviously, a bad idea in the middle of the week (PT is gonna suck tomorrow)]? DEATH to the piddly 750ml bottle! LONG LIVE the environmentally friendly 4L box!
Posted By: tomtuttle Re: wine by the box - 04/15/10 04:29 AM
DEATH to the piddly

Amen, brother.
Posted By: FordPrefect Re: wine by the box - 04/15/10 10:38 AM
ah, wine in a box... takes me back to my twenties.
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