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Sniglets - 04/16/10 07:09 PM

A sniglet is any word that is not in the dictionary, but should be. Reply with your own. Let's see where this goes. \:\)

unglute (un gloot') - v. to unstick one's ass cheeks while seated by leaning left and sliding right or vice versa

burruption (bur up' shun) - n. The explosion of beans, rice, cheese, and sauce emanating from the other end of a bitten burrito.
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Re: Sniglets - 04/16/10 07:17 PM

Well not a word but a phase that came out of me the other day...... Visual Oxymoron
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Re: Sniglets - 04/16/10 10:52 PM

ladycrux - n. the central region of a woman's body

scrudnuzzler - n. someone who nuzzles scrud (scrud being a generic term for genitals)

I'm too lazy to figure out how to show proper pronunciation, but I doubt my words are going to be a challenge in that respect.
Posted by: Adrian

Re: Sniglets - 04/16/10 11:39 PM

flambrik (n. fl aim brik) the result of one of Peter's barritos

flarrazz (n. flay' r azz) you had to eat another barrito didn't you?

heffermoo (n. h ef' r moo) unattractive and heavy member of the female persuation, though not necessarily persuasive.

faltioptic (adj. fall tee' awp-tic) an anebriated condition where heffermoos become attractive.