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Posted By: fredk Wireless network Qs - 05/10/10 12:47 AM
I'm looking at setting up wireless in my apartment to better take advantage of my system.

The main question is whether or not there a serious degradation issue in having wireless N and G devices on the same network. I understand there is some additional overhead because the router has to switch between protocols, but if most of what I am doing is browsing, am I really going to notice?

The two things that are motivating me are wanting to share my internet connection between two computers and taking better advantage of the music I have on my [not quite] htpc.

I found out that there is a browser plug in for Media Monkey that will give me basic control via a browser. I find that, for whatever reason, I don't tend to turn on my rptv just to use media monkey. I'm thinking that a used/refurb netbook will add flexibility and encourage me to listen to music more often. Unfortunately, most netbooks have wireless G devices built in.

I also have the Wii and PS3 which are also G.

At some point I also want to add a pair of speakers for my bedroom via zone 2 and since I can control my 2808 via RS232 I might also be able to build a browser front end for that as well.

So, the plan would be wireless N to both PCs, G for the netbook, Wii and PS3 (when connected).

What do you network smart guys think?
Posted By: Ken.C Re: Wireless network Qs - 05/10/10 02:58 AM
If all you're doing is web browsing, and the only file transfers are going to be between G and N devices (ie, not between N and N), then you've got nothing to worry about.
Posted By: Anonymous Re: Wireless network Qs - 05/10/10 03:27 AM
Posted By: oldskoolboarder Re: Wireless network Qs - 05/10/10 04:23 AM
Posted By: fredk Re: Wireless network Qs - 05/11/10 03:40 AM
Thanks for the advice. Stage 1 complete (almost). Picked up a wireless router and a couple of cards for my PCs on the way home from work and set up the router.

The good news? It works. The bad news? I'm locked out of the routers. I carefully wrote out my Uber-Super-Secret password, put it in my password safe, changed it in the router, logged out and bzzzt!! Try again. Sigh, I hate computers.

How the hell can you mis-type a password the same way twice???

Found an Acer netbook in my price range with a wireless N card. Once I get back in to the router and set it up again (maybe I'll do the password thing FIRST) and connect the Wii and PS3, I'll revisit netbooks.
Posted By: oldskoolboarder Re: Wireless network Qs - 05/11/10 04:13 AM
Eh, just reset the router to bring it to defaults.

I forget all the time. Hence, I ended up getting a password vault system for my Mac/iPhone. SplashID works great.
Posted By: fredk Re: Wireless network Qs - 05/11/10 04:32 AM
Thats the plan. Reset, copy and paste. I just hate doing things twice.
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