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Posted By: Murph Almost felt as good as winning the cup!!!!! - 05/13/10 01:56 AM

You are sooooooooooooo right Murph!
Another upset. Shows the difference between a "team" and "stars".
As far as Boston/Philadelphia goes, I don't really care who wins as long as Lucic and Carcillo have a head-on collision at centre ice. \:D
Argh. I scored 2 tix (GREAT seats) to the first Sharks game but I can only go if the game is Friday...
Posted By: Anonymous Re: Almost felt as good as winning the cup!!!!! - 05/13/10 03:42 AM
Goes to show how important goaltending is. If Fleury plays like he did last year Pens win the series. Or if Montreal and Pittsburgh swap goalies Pens win the series.

Unbelievable run for Montreal, given how they almost missed the playoffs but then proceeded to upset arguably the two top teams. Let's hope they can keep it up.

To the defense of the Canadiens, the reason why they almost missed the playoffs is that they kept having injuries to core players everytime they were getting a bit of momemtum. It is a better team than their regular season indicates and are now playing as a team with drive.

Still... pretty impressive...

I'm sure the Caps celebrated as hard as the Habs last night; they can now tell their fans "see, even Crosby could not beat them"!
...of course if you take Halak out of the picture.... \:o
True, for sure, and I could say "someone still had to score the goals" but I think, more importantly. The Halak story is all part of that 'greater feeling'. FOr instance, had things been reversed one might have been saying the same things about Crosby. Not that he is the only strong player on the Pens but he was definitely expected to carry the flag.

The difference is that Crosby is an International superstar with a well proven track record who was under great pressure to help carry the team to victory. Halak rose from relative vacuity before the playoffs started. Making him another great part of the total underdog victory story.
 Originally Posted By: Adrian
...of course if you take Halak out of the picture.... \:o
My thoghts exactly, his play reminds me of Kipper back in 2004 when the Flames made their last run at the cup..........and came up short \:\(
 Originally Posted By: jakewash
[quote=Adrian]...of course if you take Halak out of the picture.... \:o

I think the Flyers are taking Halak out of the picture. It helps that Leighton isn't letting anything past him.

Let's go FLYERS!!!
I don't mind the Flyers, they're a hard working lunch bucket team, but seriously that Carcillo guy is a Goober and 7/8ths.
I can't argue with you about Carcillo...I don't like him much either.

And I was of course, happy to see the Habs knock off both Washington AND Pittsburgh. Who would have thought a 7 would be playing an 8 for the right to go to the Cup Finals.
It'll be interesting to see how Montreal responds tonight...have they gone to the well once too often, or is this normal for them to get behind every series?
Posted By: Anonymous Re: Almost felt as good as winning the cup!!!!! - 05/21/10 03:57 AM
Everytime you're ready to write off Montreal they keep draaaagging you back...
Well, that's that.

A hell of an extended season but I guess it is now time to erase the big jersey sketched on my whiteboard.
Hop on the Flyers bandwagon now! First time in the finals since 1997. I'm looking forward to the finals. I don't know much about Chicago, but I'm expecting it to be a tough series since they were the 2 in the West and were good enough to sweep the 1 out there.

I'd like to thank Montreal for beating Washington and Pittsburgh. Those were to two teams I didn't want to play in the East this year.
Comparing what happened during the regualr season means nothing as these playoffs are proving.

Chicago was only 1 pt behind San Jose, IMO Chicago was the true #1 seed in the West which they proved with how easy they have dispatched the Sharks. Just too much team speed and it helps Neimi is playing very well.

The final could come down to which goalie blinks first.
Goalies don't blink, they blank.
Posted By: Anonymous Re: Almost felt as good as winning the cup!!!!! - 05/25/10 07:46 PM
The bad ones just keep their eyes closed.
I'm actually glad that if the Habs were going down, that it was to the Flyers. They climbed up this ladder the hard way as well. My excitement is largely gone from the playoffs but I do now hope the Flyers can take the cup. It would indeed be good to see after they also beat the odds.
Flyers/Hawks gonna be a rough series, methinks.
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