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Posted By: michael_d Chartreuse? - 05/18/10 07:39 PM
I'd like order a couple bottles of this, but I don't know much about it other than there's green and yellow. Green has a higher alcohol content and yellow is a bit sweeter.

I don't like it much. It isn't something that I'd just drink to drink. The reason I want to get some is it has a calming effect for an upset stomach. A couple years ago I was in Napa with some friends. We had a killer dinner at Brix and after desert, one of the guys was complaining about coming down with an upset stomach (over indulgence most likely). Well the server noticed my friend's discomfort and brought him a snifter of green Chartreuse. He felt better within minutes. We all then tried some, and sure enough, it calmed my stomach too.

So there have been several times since then that after dinner, I have craved a glass of this stuff. I just keep forgetting to find some.

If anyone has any recommendations, I'd love to hear them.
Posted By: fredk Re: Chartreuse? - 05/19/10 03:13 AM
Green. Its a more medicine-y colour.
Posted By: CatBrat Re: Chartreuse? - 05/19/10 10:18 AM
My curiosity is up. I'm going to have to buy a bottle and try it.
Posted By: michael_d Re: Chartreuse? - 05/19/10 03:55 PM
I might just buy this one from Dean and Deluca. They sell good stuff.
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