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We are having a 3 hour open house this Sunday and the Realtor wants a movie playing during it. Not to show off the equipment, so it doesn't need to be a great audio mix or anything, but it needs to be family friendly and long. I was thinking one of the Lord of the Rings movies in extended edition, but they are two discs and nobody will be there to swap discs. I have the ability to play DVDs, HD-DVDs, and Blu-Rays. Any ideas?
King Kong?
Posted By: Anonymous Re: Need a family friendly, but long movie idea ASAP. - 06/04/10 04:24 PM
Good one! I was about to say you're not gonna find a "family" movie that is 3hrs because most producers/studios know they won't be able to hold kids' attentions for that long. I forgot about King Kong though.

Unfortunately the longest films are probably all 2 disks.

This didn't help, sorry.
Is there any way to loop a movie on a bd/dvd player?
I wouldn't necessarily say King Kong is family friendly if you are talking about toddlers and such. I would think that you could author a DVD with 2 movies on it and have them play right after each other with no menus, Toy Story and Toy Story 2 would be keeping with the times ;\) although the video quality would be greatly reduced.
I recall my BD player having a repeat option, but I've never tested it.
I think the repeat only works for cd's, but I could be wrong.
I'd do an A/B repeat loop with Pixar's Cars. That would be the longest family movie ever made. ;\)
Titanic perhaps? I believe it's available on one DVD and it runs a bit over 3 hrs.
I'm pretty sure almost any DVD player will have a "repeat Disc" mode, or at ;east a "Repeat A-B" mode where you can designate A as the beginning of the movie and B as the end.

We do a fair number of DVDs for clients who need them for trade-show looping, and there's never been a client who called us and said "we can't get this to work on our DVD player".

I would think BD players would offer it as well, but I can't verify that the majority of them do.

And, any Pixar movie would be great.
I will have to check my hardware (shown in my sig line) when I get home tonight about a-b repeating. I don't think that I have any pixar flicks in HD but again, not selling the equipment, but the room, and pixar movies look great on DVD anyway. I have Avatar on BD but was told that I can't open it until fathers day, plus it is a hair short unless I can loop it. King Kong would be a bit much if a kid saw it.
Yeah, I wouldn't call LotR exactly family friendly, either. I'd say Kruncher's got the right idea. Put on a movie and loop it.
“The Sound of Music” is just a few minutes under 3 hours, however, I like the looping idea with a more contemporary movie better.
Nice one Dean, I even liked the Sound of Music once it hit DVD. Julie sounds amazing played through the M80s :), there's even some nice surround action with the thunder and foosteps in the chase scene near the end.
I think a Pixar movie would be great. Maybe Wall-E. Not much dialog in that movie, which is a plus for this setting.
Looks like my HD-A2 player should do a loop. The Sony S550 should too. :-)
Pixar Shorts on a loop?
 Originally Posted By: jakewash
Nice one Dean, I even liked the Sound of Music once it hit DVD. Julie sounds amazing played through the M80s :), there's even some nice surround action with the thunder and foosteps in the chase scene near the end.

Well now I’m going to have to put it in my queue. It’s been so long since I’ve seen it about all I remember is developing a serious crush on Angela Cartwright between the movie and “Lost in Space.”
My wife LOVES Sound of Music so I have been put through it's paces many times on VHS, once it hit DVD I bought it for her and we watched it that night, I actually stayed in the room and ENJOYED it. \:\) The PQ appeared to be greatly improved as well \:\) I guess I will have to buy it on BR if/when it becomes available. The music in a lossless format should be great.
Kung Fu Panda on Blu-ray and play it twice ;\)
Posted By: Anonymous Re: Need a family friendly, but long movie idea ASAP. - 06/04/10 07:19 PM
Loved the audio on that movie (and the movie too)!
Depends on what you consider Family Appropriate. My 4yr old doesn't like Lord of the Rings.

I tried to watch it with him and paying attention to it from a kids perspective, while there may not be too much gore, it certainly has its fair degree of violence. Less of a concern is the tone of the film. *So* much of it is dark and menacing. There is very little of the movie that little kids would enjoy. Bilbo's Eleventy-First birthday being a great exception.

Of course any kids coming to an open house aren't *really* going to be watching he movie... its background so maybe it would work.

I second "any Pixar Movie on loop". Toy Story 2 gets my vote.

It's actually rather strange to think that people would be hauling little ones around with them to go house shopping. Most movies of 3 hrs length will have 'something' in them that warrants exclusion where young eyes and ears are concerned.
Yeah, Titanic has Kate Winslet's boobs.

"And here's the home theater, and - OH MY! - look away children!!!"
Wall-E on a loop would be perfect.
I don't suppose you could train the Realtor to hit the play button after the movie stopped if it is less than 3 hours in lenght.
It wasn't obvious on the Sony S550 BD player how to do an A-B loop, but on my "ancient and archaic" Toshiba HD-A2 HD-DVD player, I press the "Repeat button" and get about 6 options, including "Repeat Title"... Works like a charm. I am thinking of either Toy Story 1 or 2 since they also fill my 16:9 screen. :-)
"Ice Age" or similar would also be a good one.
 Originally Posted By: richeydog
Pixar Shorts on a loop?

And the cat came back...

OK, NFB not Pixa, but one of my favourite shorts.
When I thought about it, I realized "Titanic" wouldn't be a good choice...too depressing. But...I forgot about the boobs! LOL!!!
Good to see you back on the boards, Mary! Hope we don't cut into your Facebook game time too much! Good luck catching CV on that one - which is it, Bejeweled? \:\)
I stopped playing Bejeweled Blitz a while ago after they changed the game one too many times. They had just about the perfect balance, then hit it with a hammer. My sister still plays, though, and in fact beat my high score by a little bit. I don't like my sister anymore.
Watch out, Mary. If you beat CV's score, it could make for an awkward 30th anniversary meetup. ;\)
You get higher scores with the new game, but I admit it took the fun out of it. But, even with the higher scores, I don't think I have beat CV's score on the OLD game! CV, since you are so good at the game, I would LOVE to see you kick ass on the new game! If *I* can hit almost 400,000, I'll bet you might score over a million! \:o
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