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Posted By: Ichigo_Kurosaki Blue ray shopping - 06/27/10 04:40 PM
Where do you guys get you Blue Rays and DVDs. Does anyone of you any good website that sell them cheap?
Posted By: CV Re: Blue ray shopping - 06/27/10 04:54 PM
I usually stick with For the ones that I don't need right away, I wait until there's a good sale or until the used copies reach a low enough point. can have decent prices, though I've only bought one item from them, since I prefer to take advantage of my Prime 2-day shipping whenever I can. As far as what the best options in Japan are, I have no idea.
Posted By: RickF Re: Blue ray shopping - 06/27/10 04:57 PM
I primarily use these sources... Blu-Ray.Com and CD Universe.

Best Buy actually has a good deal every so often, which is about the only time I shop there.
Posted By: CatBrat Re: Blue ray shopping - 06/27/10 06:06 PM
I use Best Buy, Sam's Club and
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