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Posted By: nickbuol Next stop, Florida! - 07/28/10 01:10 AM
I was in Dallas the other week for work, tomorrow I head to St Petersburg, FL. This time with some stow-aways...

My wife and kids are coming along for the trip, so while I am in the office on Thursday and Friday, they will be hitting the beach in Treasure Island, FL. Then Saturday we head to Orlando for a few days at Universal and Wet N Wild (my wife and I were leaning towards a Disney water park for the theming, but the kids wanted the rides), and then after almost a week of that, we are off to Jacksonville, FL to visit my wife's sister. We'll do some boating and such before heading back.

I can't wait!
Posted By: CatBrat Re: Next stop, Florida! - 07/28/10 01:15 AM
Can I go too?
Posted By: nickbuol Re: Next stop, Florida! - 07/28/10 01:22 AM
The way I figure it, it will be about as hot as here in the mid-west, so why not. Come on down. I'll take you for $46 round trip($23 each way if you pay ahead, or $25 each way once you get to the airport)! You will have to bring your own regular sized suitcase to pack yourself into, and I hope that you don't weigh more than 50 pounds! You don't mind the belly of the plane, do you?

Oh, and you will have to be at the Moline (Illinois) airport no later than 10:15 am tomorrow, because we are flying from there, not Des Moines.
Posted By: CatBrat Re: Next stop, Florida! - 07/28/10 01:25 AM
It's the 50 pound limit. I'd have to cut myself into about 4 pieces.
Posted By: nickbuol Re: Next stop, Florida! - 07/28/10 01:44 AM
That will cost extra... $46 each piece round trip!
Posted By: danmagicman7 Re: Next stop, Florida! - 07/29/10 02:40 AM
Have a great time in St. Petersburg. :-) Had a relative down there with an apartment. It's beautiful. Enjoy the vacation!

Oh, you should also make the drive over here to Ft. Lauderdale. Better yet, you'll be in the midst of rick snobs along with young people with the aspirations to...? Who am I kidding.

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