Best day of the Summer....So far

Posted by: Murph

Best day of the Summer....So far - 08/02/10 07:56 AM

Just had an awesome weekend so I figured while I'm sharing, why not start a thread where we can all record your best day of summer 2010.

Saturday I headed down to the town where I grew up to spend the day out on a boat with my youngest brother and some old friends. By boat I mean our Buddie's lobster fishing boat, although it becomes his portable weekend cottage in the off seasons so it's decked out with every convenience you can think of. We sailed over to an Island where used go camping on the beaches and waded with mask and snorkel to gather giant bar clams to add to our barbecue supplies. We spent the day basking in the sun when it came out, listening to music and drinking enough beer to forget that it was cloudy (but not cold at all) for the rest of the day. The water was super warm for swimming but we kept to our tradition of having to take a big swig of Dr. McGillicuddy's Fireball Whiskey every time you came out of the water to warm up.

There are way too many funny moments to even start to get into because it was one of those days when the whole day was just one big laugh. Ridiculous stuff just seemed to happen that you could never replicate again no matter how long you tried. There is just no better way to spend the day.

We ended the day by sailing up a river to one of our friends cottage. More drinks, more laughs, perhaps even a couple of hours of sleep. We spend most of the next day just sitting on her deck in the sun laughing at the pictures from the day before. Mimosa's for breakfast, left over barbecue and the remaining bar clams for lunch and then off to to my parents place where my other brother and his kids are there for barbecue number three. Had a great time there too. Played a bunch of games of washers and had a great visit with the family before heading home.

Definitely the best day/weekend of the summer.
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Re: Best day of the Summer....So far - 08/02/10 10:27 AM

Awesome. You seem to have found an awesome area to live in. Why is it not overrun with people yet?
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Re: Best day of the Summer....So far - 08/02/10 10:43 AM

OMG Your right!

I shall never post again unless also mentioning the snowbanks and cold winter days and the fact that all our cars rust to pieces in no time due to the same salty water and the ice melting salt used on our roads for the rest of the year. It's a balancing act and why our population doubles in the summer months and many businesses actually shut down for the winter when no one's around except the locals.
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Re: Best day of the Summer....So far - 08/02/10 10:44 AM

So far... my best day of the summer has been those days (plural) when something didn't break.
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Re: Best day of the Summer....So far - 08/02/10 07:15 PM

I love PEI, where I experienced some of my most idyllic childhood vacation moments, and I love boating around on oceans/bays/rivers, which is probably why I moved to the edge of a small lake near Dallas (Texas is hard, but I must say, it's better than nothing!)

No summer vacation yet (although we visited Rockport at the beginning of May, does that count?), we are planning a visit to Port Aransas on August 12th (recently changed from Friday the 13th, I have my fingers crossed), maybe with a little luck we'll end up with something to remember Summer 2010 by, we are bringing our 2 dogs so I am really looking forward to it, despite having questions with regard to the available accommodations.

Thanks for sharing,
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Re: Best day of the Summer....So far - 08/02/10 10:57 PM

As some of you may know, I took a month off work to do a road trip with my family. I've been back for about two weeks. There were lost of "best days" on this trip. I'll share some of the photos with you.

One highlight of the trip was our visit to the Castle of the Ozarks in northern Arkansas. All the people working there were extremely friendly and answered all our questions. They even encouraged my kids to try their hand at stonecutting.

The other highlight was the City Museum of St. Louis. It's a whole building's worth of junkyard finds turned into a huge playground. I had as much fun as my kids did. smile

Sorry the pics in the gallery are not labeled in any way. I did order them chronologically, though. smile
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Re: Best day of the Summer....So far - 08/03/10 12:15 AM

A whole month with the family. Thats awesome.

My best day of the summer was probably the first day at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. My son and I are both paleontology geeks. We ended up at this amazing Italian restaurant by accident when the one 'just a short walk away' turned out not to be so close.

Today was a close second. Played a round of golf with my dad. It was deathly slow, so we spent a lot of time lounging on the golf cart shooting the shit and enjoying the view. The course runs along a river.
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Re: Best day of the Summer....So far - 08/03/10 12:18 AM

My best day didn't have a lot to do with it being summer. Not yesterday, but the previous Sunday, I got to go out to eat with my coworker, then we walked on a path by the river, got some ice cream at the place where I'm going to try their Mount Everest Ice Cream Challenge, and then we just hung out for a little bit. I see her at work all of the time, but it's always fun to go do something away from work.
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Re: Best day of the Summer....So far - 08/03/10 08:23 AM

Great stories & Great pics Peter. I would have loved to have visited the castle site and what I am assuming is the museum where I see people crawling through the big metal tube thingies. I still feel cheated from when my wife got a good one on me by surprising me with having my 30th birthday party in the MacDonalds Playroom but they still wouldn't let me go inside the big tube structures.
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Re: Best day of the Summer....So far - 08/03/10 11:36 AM

Yeah, great stories and pictures guys!

It's been a relatively quiet summer for me so far, but the best weekend thus far was the joint or a party for my best friend and other really good friend. Approximately 12-15 of us met in Toronto, went to a baseball game, continued the debauchery at with lots of food, drinks and dancing. We all stayed overnight in a hotel, then went out for brunch the next morning; overall one great weekend!

But, this coming weekend is the highlight of my summer every year. It's our yearly camping trip and it's an absolute blast! None of my other friends cottages are accessible, so everyone gets together for what is somewhat my weekend with everyone. I can't wait!
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Re: Best day of the Summer....So far - 08/03/10 02:46 PM

Sounds great Cam. I havn't done any camping this year and I miss it.