Thank You Axiom

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Thank You Axiom - 09/12/10 07:56 AM

Would like to thank all the staff at Axiom for a great weekend. Thanks go out to Ian, Jamie, the other Jamie, Brent, JC, Noreen, and Deb. I would also like to thank Mark for planting the seed for this event and Mary for getting the job done in getting us the great poll shirts. I also would like to thank all the members who showed up and I got to meet. It's good to now have a face to the name. Thanks again to everyone.
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Re: Thank You Axiom - 09/12/10 08:36 AM

Glad you had a great time Mel, wish I could have attended. When you say Jamie, are talking about the 2 Amie's?
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Re: Thank You Axiom - 09/12/10 11:16 AM

Originally Posted By: sirquack
Glad you had a great time Mel, wish I could have attended. When you say Jamie, are talking about the 2 Amie's?

That's what I get for posting first thing in the morning. laugh
Thanks to Amie and the other Amie. Sorry about your names I should be shot for making an error like that.

Edit: I also forgot to thank Andrew as well. Damn, I'M getting old AND forgetful
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Re: Thank You Axiom - 09/12/10 04:15 PM

Another thanks to Axiom. It was great to meet everyone. You are ALL fine gentlemen here. I had a great time...maybe TOO great of a time! LOL!
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Re: Thank You Axiom - 09/12/10 07:26 PM

Agreed. These four days have been awesome. That's an overused word, but it is the most appropriate one I can think of. Other suitable words would be magnificent, splendid, rewarding, and complete.

I am going to make a photo album of this that I will treasure always.
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Re: Thank You Axiom - 09/13/10 12:24 AM

Thank you, Axiom and thank you to everyone who decided to come to this epic event. I had an amazing time and met many wonderful people (some again, some for the first time). I need to do things like this more often. smile
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Re: Thank You Axiom - 09/14/10 12:59 PM

OK...just had a huge breakfast at "Flips Restaurant" in Brampton with Tom before taking him to the airport....I've got so many wonderfull thoughts to try to convey here, I know I'll miss a few things but I'll try to convey them here....

Firstly, I'd like to thank Ian and Amie for their hospitality and genuine warmth the entire weekend++. You and your wonderfull staff provided lifelong memories for all of us, not once did I ever see either of you stop smiling during the entire event, so I figure you were both enjoying this gathering as much as all of us, or Murph gave you both a shot of his Moonshine and you couldn't help yourselves.

The Axiom Staff....Debbie, it's always a pleasure to see you, thank you for the(2nd for me) tour of the plant, as well as your hospitality along with (other) Amie(there were other staff helping too, I'm sorry about not recalling names) for looking after the group and making sure everyone was taken care of. Andrew(Axiom), you're not only an excellent engineer, but you have a knack for conveying information to us that we can almost understand....unfortunately I missed your sub seminar, Debbie was trying to lock our group in the Anechoic chambre at that time...I still have nightmares...

Mark, Mary, JP, Peter, Tom, Ken(there were probably others ? in on this) all should take a bow for making this happen. It was wonderfull meeting you all and spending some time chatting with each of you, I wish we had more time to do so.

Mark...I'll send you a "French for Dummies" book the next time you go through Quebec, was great to finally meet you...

Mary, it's already been said many times...but thank you again for the lovely job you did with the shirts and for the "spark" you brought to the gathering, it wouldn't have been the same without you(and for bringing another lovely Iowan lady with you, CJ).

JP, Peter, Tom....a great time spent esp at the Mandarin on Sunday there....I hope the airport in Buffalo didn't put a surcharge on JP after that Buffet lunch! Tom, was a pleasure to have you over for a couple of days and finish off the left over beer from the party...HEY! somebody's gotta do it!! had a great time listening to music, watching movies and touring the city on Monday.

Scott, I was touched by your story about giving your father M3's, as you were telling it...I've also felt that way when listening to certain tracks.

Cam, I'm glad you could make it, and what nice parents you have to share this experience with all of us...

Mike(Chess), I'm glad Murph has found the right medicine to help you overcome your fear of crowds....and Shania says she's going to drop the charges for pole dancing on her porch.

Ray and Jack, you guys need to take your show on the road!....better yet, I think it's time for another "Grumpy Old Men" sequel. Anne Margaret...Sophia Loren...think about the possibilities guys!!

Mel, I have to say, I was a little disappointed....I expected you to show up in a high gloss Rosewood, three piece suite. Ah well, maybe next time...sorry we didn't get a chance to talk too much.

Fred, we live less than an hour apart and finally hook up! great sitting down with yourself, Mark, Alan, Bob and my brother on Thurs night.

Bob(pronounced 'Bawwwb' in the Boston area), I think the fact that you got through the border so easily in BOTH directions, proves we need to rethink our Border Security.... wink

Alan, a pleasure to sit down with you for dinner and a good chat till we got thrown out of Swiss Chalet(has that ever happened before?). A great sense of humour...although the colonoscopy stuff was a bit "toilet humour".

Ohh...uhhh...they're playing music I have to rap this

thanks again, Ian and Amie. I hope you realize all the wonderfull memories people will have of this meet...

"...exit on left side?...ok.."
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Re: Thank You Axiom - 09/15/10 10:13 PM

Originally Posted By: Adrian

Scott, I was touched by your story about giving your father M3's, as you were telling it...I've also felt that way when listening to certain tracks.

Yeah, I don't think I have too much time left with my parents - hence the difficulty in talking about it. For my Dad, I haven't figured out what I'm going to do when I lose my Dad, my best friend and my drinking buddy in one fell swoop...

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Re: Thank You Axiom - 09/16/10 01:46 PM

I don't live close to my father and am not all that close with him, either. For a man, it seems to be the exception to have a close relationship with your father. You're luckier than most.
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Re: Thank You Axiom - 09/20/10 11:14 AM

I'm late getting back to the boards but everyone has already said it so many times better than I can.

Thank you all!!

If I get more time, I'll try to log a few of my memories from the weekend. I already downloaded every picture posted as they are to valuable to leave at the whim of the Interweb.