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But I'm home alone. Even the dog is out. El Bandito has been at the groomer for 5 hours now and I can't work in the shop,' cause I can't hear the phone ring.

And I can't find my heat gun. Crap, I left it on the counter at the groomer's and....OMFG! It's not a hairdryer, bitches! I gotta go!

I hear ya, Bob. I'm in somewhat of the same position, so post away smile !
Ya, and if he doesn't hurry up, El Bandito will turn into El Burrito! frown
For Bob: The "Leaning Burritos" is a good name for a band.
My wife was wondering why the keyboard was sticky.

I'll have to show her this thread so she knows it was only slobber after all...
David, don't show her Teri's pictures thread, or she'll know the real truth grin .
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