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Posted By: ClubNeon Streaming Music Services - 02/25/11 07:55 PM
I've been a Rhapsody subscriber almost since Real started the service. I prefer it to things like Pandora or, because I can build my own playlist of exactly what I want to hear, and explore connections between artists to find new things.

I just got a new Roku box (having got one the week it was released, when it only did Netflix, not liking it, and selling it a few days later). It doesn't do Rhapsody, but does have MOG. I see there's a MOG app for Android phones, and the PC application looks fine from the demo video I just watched.

There's a free 14 day trial, so I'm probably going to check it out soon. I was just wondering if anyone else here uses it, and what they think.

Also if anyone wants to know about Rhapsody, ask away. I'm pretty familiar with the service by now.
Posted By: oldskoolboarder Re: Streaming Music Services - 02/25/11 08:01 PM
Haven't tried it but RDIO was just announced for Roku, including Amazon Prime streaming.

I'd suggest giving Playon a shot since you have Roku.

I'm pretty happy with Pandora. I just upgraded to Pandora one and it does sound better. Combined w/ Pandora Jam, my music is all set.
Posted By: ClubNeon Re: Streaming Music Services - 02/25/11 08:20 PM
Amazon Prime's free streaming is the reason I picked up another Roku.

I really hate the Playon software. Maybe it's gotten better in the last couple years, but it left such a bad taste in my mouth, I'll never touch it again.

Random radio styled streaming services don't appeal to me (I don't even listen to the real radio for the same reason). Too much of a control freak. I what to pick what I'm listening to.

Rhapsody is solely responsible for 90% of my music purchases over the last how ever many years. Being able to hear a full album is very important. And discovering new artists, by following links from the page of an artist I already like is great. Looks like MOG does all of that too.
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