A Genius Among Us

Posted by: BobKay

A Genius Among Us - 03/07/11 05:03 PM

There is a man who walks among us (OK, so it's not Mary) who's marital billiance may never be surpassed here.

This nameless man thought a pair of Axioms in another room would be great. Hmmmmm....? How to get that other vote?

Honey, what's you favorite nail polish color?

As we speak, much deliberation and color sampling is going on between said Giant of Bliss and our favorite factory.

All hail! Hail he who grants himself slightly altered wishes! A pulsar among mere suns.

I genuflect at your carpet spikes.
Posted by: Ya_basta

Re: A Genius Among Us - 03/07/11 05:28 PM

I concur.

I think confused smile.
Posted by: audiosavant

Re: A Genius Among Us - 03/07/11 05:43 PM

Damn, I thought this thread was gonna be about me! grin

Oops. My bad... blush
Posted by: Adrian

Re: A Genius Among Us - 03/07/11 05:46 PM

What was it? the "All hail" part?
Posted by: Argon

Re: A Genius Among Us - 03/07/11 10:04 PM

umm....I actually knew the meaning of genuflect without having to look it up....