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Posted By: CatBrat Politics - 05/18/11 04:56 PM
Quote deleted by self.
Posted By: Ken.C Re: Politics - 05/18/11 05:14 PM
The last time we had a dedicated politics thread, it almost destroyed the community. We lost a number of good people. Let's not do this again.
Posted By: CatBrat Re: Politics - 05/18/11 05:22 PM
Good idea.
Posted By: Joe_in_SC Re: Politics - 05/18/11 11:13 PM
I adamantly take the opposing view!
Posted By: CV Re: Politics - 05/20/11 06:18 AM
Politics still exist?
Posted By: Murph Re: Politics - 05/20/11 04:45 PM
As long as there is disease, war & natural catastrophes in the world, politics will be around to remind us that it could be worse.
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