Amy Winehouse found dead...

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Amy Winehouse found dead... - 07/23/11 01:23 PM

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Re: Amy Winehouse found dead... - 07/23/11 02:39 PM

Sad but not unexpected.

...and the 27 Club gets a new member.
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Re: Amy Winehouse found dead... - 07/23/11 03:17 PM

Her demons finally caught up with her, what a shame.
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Re: Amy Winehouse found dead... - 07/23/11 05:08 PM

Has there ever been a faster demise of unfulfilled talent than her? I can't imagine how those around her were not enabling or ignoring her problems. Pop culture media just exploited her downfall for the fun of watching someone crash and burn in a sensational manner. If rock/pop stars have gotta die, why can't it be the shitty ones?

This is very sad but very expected.

She had the the talent and deep-soul sadness of Billie Holiday.

Music has such complex and powerful emotional resonance. It can heal, it can make you cry, it can make you feel like a god, it can make you drive fast and take chances. It can make you fall in love...

Listen to the music of Badfinger and you hear a sadness in even the popier numbers.

Then you look at the extremely tragic history of that band and you get the feeling they were doomed from the start.

Same with Kurt Cobain.

Amy sure had soul... and despite the drugs and toxic lifestyle, I think that her soul was genuinely tortured and a deeply sad one.

I think she was probably destined to have a tragic end.

That makes what little music she made, expressing herself and laying her heart and soul out there, all that more precious now...
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Very sad news indeed.
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If you never got the opportunity to appreciate her talent, her's a very moving example of her singing/songwriting talent:

Love is a Losing Game
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The only one who didn't see this happening was her. Great talent indeed, we all lost.