PS3 issues

Posted by: SirQuack

PS3 issues - 11/08/11 10:17 AM

My son has two PS3 Slims, got one free from my folks from a lottery drawing 160gb, and the other I think is an 80gb we got from Wally World.

Anyway, we have problems with the 80gb model. Often when we go to turn it on, it takes forever, but eventually the little wavy graphic comes up and then it says PS3, but you never get to the menu. If I try to shut it off I get 3 beeps and it does not shut off.

The only way I've been able to get it working and get back to the menu is by the following:

1) Hold down power button for about 10 seconds until unit shuts off.
2) Hold down power button again, after about 5 seconds you hear one beep, then keep holding, after a bit you hear a series of beeps, then I let up.
3) This brings up a menu of many options, one being restore file system, after I select this it says somethign is corrupt and it rebuilds, reboots, and we are good to go the main menu comes up.

The next night we go through this all over again.

I've tried a few of the other options by reformatting, etc. with no luck, also have done all updates.

I think it is still under warranty, but wondered if you have heard of this issue, sounds like the boot files or something is bad.

Posted by: BlueJays1

Re: PS3 issues - 11/08/11 12:56 PM

Restoring the file system is a good idea and so was reformatting. I think that would have solved any software issues. You probably have a hardware problem in which case return it for a replacement since its under warranty.

Posted by: Murph

Re: PS3 issues - 11/08/11 02:15 PM

Sounds a lot like a bad hard drive as it keeps corrupting your OS.

Send it in if under warranty, if not, the hard drive can be easily replaced. Trick will be to do a backup of the OS immediately after a successful reboot. You will need the backup to install to the new HD.

There are tons of Youtubes and articles showing how to do this.

If it is truly FUBAR, sell the BR laser on ebay. People are snatching them up for repairs and to make replica phasers.