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Posted By: Lampshade BobKay - 12/05/11 04:18 PM
I wanted to say Happy Birthday to one of the nicest people whom I have ever known. He is a good friend that anyone would be lucky to have. He is supportive and generous with his time and himself.

Posted By: Ajax Re: BobKay - 12/05/11 04:37 PM
Happy Birthday Bob. smile
Posted By: Murph Re: BobKay - 12/05/11 04:51 PM
Agreed, I consider myself graced for the opportunity meet him in Dwight this summer.
I hope you have one AWESOME day Bob!
Posted By: MarkSJohnson Re: BobKay - 12/05/11 05:07 PM
Hey Bob-
Happy Birthday! And yes, I'll agree with Lampy regarding Bob's generosity: He's been invaluable through my kitchen/bath/plumbing job here, even though some laminate samples he sent me were just plain weird. smile

Happy Birthday, Bob!
Posted By: BobKay Re: BobKay - 12/05/11 05:15 PM
Originally Posted By: MarkSJohnson
even though some laminate samples he sent me were just plain weird. smile wussy

Happy Birthday, Bob!

Muchas Gracias, guys. Now how'd you say that search bot works again?
Posted By: Ken.C Re: BobKay - 12/05/11 05:26 PM
Happy birthday Bob!
Posted By: tomtuttle Re: BobKay - 12/05/11 05:59 PM
Cheers, Bob. I'd have to agree with Lampy and Mark; having you in my life - even in such a relatively limited capacity - has been pure joy. Happy Birthday.
Posted By: cb919 Re: BobKay - 12/05/11 06:18 PM
I'm sure you'll have many laughs on your birthday. Enjoy the day!
Posted By: CatBrat Re: BobKay - 12/05/11 06:20 PM
Bob, bob, bob. Bob Barbara Ann.
Posted By: Adrian Re: BobKay - 12/05/11 06:36 PM
Happy Birthday Bob!'re not over the hill until they start playing your favourite music in an elevator.
Posted By: CV Re: BobKay - 12/05/11 07:35 PM
Have a great birthday, BobKay!
Posted By: sonicfox Re: BobKay - 12/05/11 08:43 PM
To the guy who always keeps things fun & interesting around here...Happy Birthday, Bob! smile
Posted By: pmbuko Re: BobKay - 12/05/11 09:56 PM
Bob has graced us with his presence for yet another solar orbit, and we're celebrating? :P
Posted By: alan Re: BobKay - 12/05/11 10:22 PM
Happy Birthday, Bob!

Posted By: nickbuol Re: BobKay - 12/05/11 10:25 PM
Bappy Birthday Bob!
Posted By: a401classic Re: BobKay - 12/06/11 12:22 AM
Originally Posted By: Murph
Agreed, I consider myself graced for the opportunity meet him in Dwight this summer.
I hope you have one AWESOME day Bob!

Ditto! Couldn't have said it better. Maybe more sarcastically, but not better wink

Happy Birthday Bob!
Posted By: Rock_Head Re: BobKay - 12/06/11 12:33 AM
Bob is the king of sarcasm. laugh
Happy Birthday BK
Posted By: FireGuy Re: BobKay - 12/06/11 01:12 AM
Yes, Happy B-Day Bob.
Posted By: St_PatGuy Re: BobKay - 12/06/11 01:42 AM
Happy Birthday, Bob!

I must admit, once I took you off my ignore list I understood what all the hubbub was about.

I quickly re-clicked that ignore button.

Of course I'm just kidding! I never took you off ignore. Not even for a second!
Posted By: BobKay Re: BobKay - 12/06/11 02:36 AM
Jeeziz Kreis! I spend almost two years here cultivating a persona and whaddo I see? "Generous," "friend," "nicest guy," "graced," and even "joy!"

Wasted. All wasted.

Holy coprolite, Batman! Now I have to start all over again!

Seriously, thanks to everyone for the thoughts and well wishes. I have fun here and that's only because there are other fun peeps here.

Very tolerant fun peeps.

Every year, on this date, I spend 4 hours in my lifelong search for my birth mother. But no city hall I've contacted kept whelping records.
Posted By: fredk Re: BobKay - 12/06/11 03:20 AM
OK, enough birthday fun. Take your whipping schtick and get back in your dumpster.
Posted By: jakewash Re: BobKay - 12/06/11 07:12 AM
Happy Belated Birthday Bob
Posted By: Ya_basta Re: BobKay - 12/06/11 11:04 PM
You're a bit of a dick, but happy birthday, buddy! grin
Posted By: Lampshade Re: BobKay - 12/07/11 02:58 AM
John K is usually the first to post birthday well wishes. He must have been asleep at the switch.
Posted By: INANE Re: BobKay - 12/07/11 04:00 AM
Happy belated!
Posted By: JohnK Re: BobKay - 12/07/11 04:48 AM
Chris, I was waiting for DaveG to send his wishes, since Bob has made clear(several times)that this made it official. It appears though that we've lost Dave. So Happy(albeit incomplete)Birthday, Bob.
Posted By: BobKay Re: BobKay - 12/07/11 03:31 PM
I know. It's just not the same w/o Dave; like it wasn't really my birthday. Thanks to all of you who've posted after my first "thank you."
Posted By: Ray3 Re: BobKay - 12/09/11 08:38 PM

Happy really belated Birthday!
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