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Posted By: BobKay HAPPY 2012! - 01/01/12 03:54 PM
I sincerely hope that each of you has the best year ever, beginning right NOW!

The are only 354 days left, so better get started.
Posted By: Ya_basta Re: HAPPY 2012! - 01/01/12 06:23 PM
Thanks Bobby; back at ya, and ditto to everyone else!
Posted By: FordPrefect Re: HAPPY 2012! - 01/01/12 06:35 PM
Happy New Year to us all.
I can feel a trip to Axiom is in the cards...........
Posted By: SirQuack Re: HAPPY 2012! - 01/01/12 11:33 PM
I just wolk up, Happy New Years!
Posted By: CatBrat Re: HAPPY 2012! - 01/02/12 01:15 AM
Ya. May your days be blessed with many kittens.
Posted By: Ken.C Re: HAPPY 2012! - 01/02/12 01:23 AM
Happy new year, all y'all.

Randy, you do that on purpose, don't you.
Posted By: St_PatGuy Re: HAPPY 2012! - 01/02/12 01:36 AM
Randy didn't just have egg whites for breakfast.
Posted By: CV Re: HAPPY 2012! - 01/03/12 10:06 AM
Anyone doing resolutions? I haven't made one, but I feel I should make a writing-related one. My sister bought me a book on writing and running (both in the same book), so maybe I should do both in my own life this year. I have wanted to start running more so I can trim down like one of my high school classmates. She's looking way too good lately. Not fair. I find adding running a more realistic proposition than giving up sweets. I should also start using my Kinect and see if I can get exercise that way. I got the Kinect version of Fruit Ninja, so we'll see if that does anything at all for my arms. I also ordered Just Dance 3. I'm skeptical of getting a better workout than my weird DDR I was doing so long. I would do the songs normally, but in between songs I would alternate spastic exercises and stretching.

I guess this post could have gone in a few different threads. In any case, hopefully the rest of you have some good goals for self-improvement that you'll actually arrive at.
Posted By: CatBrat Re: HAPPY 2012! - 01/03/12 12:57 PM
My resolution is to live for another year.
Posted By: Ajax Re: HAPPY 2012! - 01/03/12 01:07 PM
Originally Posted By: CatBrat
My resolution is to live for another year.

I'll second that!
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