Plantar fasciitis

Posted by: RickF

Plantar fasciitis - 04/19/12 08:05 PM

Man does it hurt, and from what I understand it can last up to a year or longer?

Anybody ever experience plantar fasciitis and care to share any remedies that worked for you?
Posted by: MarkSJohnson

Re: Plantar fasciitis - 04/19/12 08:12 PM

I had it for about a year and a half.

I'm on my way out the door, but good shoes help, as does a "boot" that stretches your tendons overnight (iirc)!
Posted by: jakewash

Re: Plantar fasciitis - 04/19/12 08:17 PM

I used the night sock to keep your foot in the flat position, but it only made getting up out of bed a little easier, I don't think it helped with the actual repair of the tissue, my battle lasted close to 2 years and still flares up from time to time, I think it has been about 10 years now since my first encounter with this wonderful pain. I tried some deep massage therapy and rolling my foot over a golf ball, in combination with anti-inflammatories. I think these worked the best for me but I also continued running with this condition so YMMV
Posted by: RickF

Re: Plantar fasciitis - 04/19/12 08:35 PM

Man, I can't imagine that pain for 2 years. I am stopping by the pharmacy on the way home from work tomorrow to pick up some Dr. Scholls gel shoe inserts, I was told that will help ... hopefully.

I'm thinking I got it because the rudder is out of trim on my work plane and I've notice all season so far I've been having to hold an unusual amount of pressure on the left rudder pedal, it's also my left foot that is flaring up.
Posted by: jakewash

Re: Plantar fasciitis - 04/19/12 08:51 PM

That could be it, the extra strain on the foot could cause this condition. Have you had your foot checked for bone spurs? These can form and cause this condition as well, also makes it hard for the tissue to heal.

I didn't find the inserts helped at all, but everyone is different so give them a try.

My bout started with some slightly ill fitted shoes I wore off and on for about 3 months hoping they would 'break-in', the arch support was a little higher than usual and I could feel it on my feet, didn't think too much about thinking they would collapse after a little while of use.
Posted by: Wid

Re: Plantar fasciitis - 04/19/12 08:52 PM

I went through this last year. The Dr. told me that to start with inserts is the wrong thing to do, it can/will make it worst. I ended up with having my feet taped, I had it in both feet, then was instructed to do stretches.

After that I had to get custom orthotics. It still flares up mainly in my right foot. Hell, I'm going through a bout right now frown
Posted by: RickF

Re: Plantar fasciitis - 04/19/12 09:00 PM

I believe I'll make an appointment with a podiatrist, looks like a lot of folks recommend not getting store bought inserts.
Posted by: richeydog

Re: Plantar fasciitis - 04/19/12 11:52 PM

My mom was her a second ago and I asked for her advice...(she works for a podiatrist and see's lots of cases of plantar fasciitis).

In her words... "Anti-inflammatory medicine may help, as would cortizone injections, but it's best to see a podiatrist and see about custom made orthotics. Most of the pain comes when you first step down and your foot flattens out. That why the inserts help."
Posted by: Murph

Re: Plantar fasciitis - 04/20/12 07:31 AM

Sounds painful. I hope it clears up soon for you.
Posted by: nickbuol

Re: Plantar fasciitis - 04/20/12 09:31 AM

My wife suffers from this too. She works in a special-needs preschool program in our school district, so she is on her feet a lot, but squatting down and staying is a squat position a lot and it is taking its toll. She has tried insole orthotics, expensive shoes (style and brand recommended by her doctor), exercises like taking a frozen water bottle and while sitting down, roll the water bottle back and forth with her foot, and taken pain meds. the only thing that has helped are the pain killers, but that isn't solving any problem. Not sure what to try next. Someone said physical therapy...
Posted by: Wid

Re: Plantar fasciitis - 04/20/12 09:36 AM

There are some stretching exercises that really help with the pain. If all else fails, surgery on the tendon.

Pain killers are a very dangerous road to go down, be very, very careful with those things. They are nasty rascals.
Posted by: chesseroo

Re: Plantar fasciitis - 04/20/12 04:18 PM

My mother has fought this the past 2 years. In order of doctor preferences (and this is not medical advice, just repeated info from her podiatrist):

Determine cause. Causes may be short term strain and the condition may not come back, similar to tennis elbow "tendonitis" and hence, rest.

If short term, anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS like ibuprofen or aspirin) or stronger stuff like Naproxen (what is used in some over the counter back pain meds).

If longer term, physiotherapy and check for other ailments (e.g bone spurs).

If no improvement, cortisone shot.

Posted by: Adrian

Re: Plantar fasciitis - 04/20/12 05:30 PM

Rick, can't contribute anything except I hope you get better ol' bean.
Posted by: SBrown

Re: Plantar fasciitis - 04/21/12 01:01 AM

I stepped out of my van backwards about ten years ago with a tool box in my hand, hyperextended my ankle and it still bothers me to this day.
Posted by: SirQuack

Re: Plantar fasciitis - 04/21/12 10:07 AM

Rick, sorry to hear about this, I hope you can get back to 100% asap.
Posted by: nickbuol

Re: Plantar fasciitis - 04/21/12 10:23 AM

When I mentioned my wife taking pain killers, I meant Tylenol or ibuprofen, and only the regular dose and even then, maybe once a week tops (she suffers through it most of the time).
Posted by: michael_d

Re: Plantar fasciitis - 04/21/12 10:41 AM

I had this on / off for close to ten years. I was always "too busy" to go see a podiatrist, tried dozens of different inserts, went through several pairs of boots / jogging shoes, etc, etc, etc.... Finally, I pulled my head out of my ass and made an appointment with a podiatrist about a year ago. She took a mold of my foot, and a week later I had a set of inserts. Within a month of wearing them religiously, the foot pain was gone. Now it's just a distant memory. It is a wonderful thing.
Posted by: BobKay

Re: Plantar fasciitis - 04/21/12 02:02 PM

Originally Posted By: michael_d
Finally, I pulled my head out of my ass and made an appointment...

The best advice on anything to anyone, Michael.

Thanks for saving everyone from another Bobrant.

(PM me if you need advice on getting that nasty stuff outta your hair.)
Posted by: ezrida

Re: Plantar fasciitis - 04/22/12 04:11 PM

I have plantar fasciitis myself for a few months now. My podiatrist prescribed me with Custom made orthotics which did not work at all. I understood that treatment efficiency is very individual. If something works for one maybe it will not work for the other. I have found Taping very useful.
In the beginning the pain was very strong but after a few weeks of the right treatment you start to feel better. Today as I am feeling much better with the pain I am doing a combination of stretching and strengthening exercises. I have found a good website summary explaining the subject of these exercises in:
Take care & Good luck
Posted by: davidsch

Re: Plantar fasciitis - 04/23/12 01:19 PM

I had it for about a year. I stopped walking around barefooted on our wood floor and put on Crocs. I also started buying better shoes (Ecco for the office, Brooks Ghost for running and walking) and I stopped wearing boots. Don't wear your shoes once they are worn out. I have been mostly pain free for two years now. I feel for you as it is very painful.
Posted by: SBrown

Re: Plantar fasciitis - 04/23/12 05:23 PM

I bought a pair of inserts that you put in the oven (Dr.Scholls I think)and then slip them in your shoes and conform your foot. Been way better since, because I am always up and down on my feet.

It's been tough for me because I am always turning and twisting my foot, floor covering. But these have helped alot, had to give up racing because of the repetative strain.
Posted by: Cork

Re: Plantar fasciitis - 04/23/12 06:00 PM

I had it pretty bad for a year. Finally went to a podiatrist and he had me do three things. (1) Stop exercising until the inflamation goes down. This doesn't mean "slow down" or "take it easy". You have to stop. (2) Stop wearing old shoes. (I had been wearing spikes for occasional baseball, football, and soccer that I originally purchased in college. Bad idea.) You don't necessaryily need special shoes, but old ones are bad and new ones must fit. (2) Stretch the foot before and after exercise. Stretching the calf and pulling back on the toe worked for me. He also recommended a roller kind of thing for the flat of the foot, but I didn't have to do that.
Posted by: MarkSJohnson

Re: Plantar fasciitis - 05/03/12 10:44 AM

How's your foot, Rick?
Posted by: Murph

Re: Plantar fasciitis - 05/03/12 12:01 PM

12 inches like the rest of us, I suspect.
Posted by: RickF

Re: Plantar fasciitis - 05/03/12 12:34 PM

Thanks for asking Mark ... it seems to be doing better, as you know I drive a couple of hours to and from work so during my drive I have been stretching my foot leg and foot with pressure against the floorboard and that really seems to have helped.

Whenever I first get up in the morning is killer though, that's when it hurts the most.

Alcohol has been good for temporary relief I've also discovered. grin

I'm very impressed Murph! laugh
Posted by: Murph

Re: Plantar fasciitis - 05/03/12 12:41 PM

Thanks Rick. heheh

I do feel bad about your foot though. I have never had that particular condition but I recall trying to walk after breaking a bone in my foot. I have nasty memories of the pain shooting right up to my knee, making me wonder exactly where the break was. Foot pain is no fun at all.