Java Hacked??

Posted by: exlabdriver

Java Hacked?? - 01/12/13 03:57 PM

As if we don't have enough problems out there. Heard this on the radio today & this web site backs it up:

From what the 'security expert' stated in the radio interview, this is serious.

What to do?

Posted by: Ya_basta

Re: Java Hacked?? - 01/12/13 06:05 PM

It's been comprised for a while.
Posted by: exlabdriver

Re: Java Hacked?? - 01/12/13 06:49 PM

I kinda got that impression that there has been many smaller hacks that have been increasing lately to the point that the US Homeland Security Agency finally issued their warning as it is now a major hack. I guess that they do some decent work; however, they tend to be very good at alarming the public as well, needlessly sometimes I think.

I checked my machine & it doesn't seem to be on it. My wife's laptop with Vista may be another story. I hate mucking around with it as Vista often baffles me, although that isn't hard to do these days, ha!

Posted by: Spoiler

Re: Java Hacked?? - 01/12/13 07:03 PM

Just google "How to disable java" for whatever browser she's using. Pretty straight forward. Checked mine (Firefox) and it was already disabled, apparently by a recent update.