A nice winter "pick me up"!

Posted by: Ray3

A nice winter "pick me up"! - 02/08/13 07:02 PM

For your enjoyment:

How to wake a baby out of a sound sleep
Posted by: Gary Vose Sr

Re: A nice winter "pick me up"! - 02/09/13 10:47 AM

The kid has talent!
Posted by: Murph

Re: A nice winter "pick me up"! - 02/11/13 07:55 AM

I normally scoff at baby videos but that is funny.
Posted by: nickbuol

Re: A nice winter "pick me up"! - 02/11/13 03:26 PM

Copyright Nazi's blocked it at YouTube.

Funny, they nailed my account for a video that I uploaded 3 years ago. It was just marked as "possibly" in violation of copyright, however it was something that we were given on DVD for our use when my daughter sang the National Anthem for WWE and the WWE rep even told us that we could put it on YouTube for our friends and family to see.

So just 2 days ago, I submit a "protest" of the auto-generated "posibility" of a copyright violation. Well, WWE came back and slammed me we a copyright strike on YouTube. I took the video down and had to watch some stupid 4 minute cartoon about "copyright school" and answer some "test" questions.

So I did with the WWE guy who gave us the DVD copy said I could do, but now I've got a strike on YouTube that limits my account for 6 months because someone didn't read where in my protest I even named the person that gave me the verbal permission to upload it. Then again, maybe I got that guy in trouble...